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Alf Casino Review

As far as delivering fun to its players is concerned, Alf Casino is like other gaming sites of the same caliber. It, however, does stand out for its customer support which players find to be prompt and friendlier not to forget the bigger jackpots that if won, would propel someone to the top of the list of the world’s richest. At Alf, everything is going to work for the success of the player and provided you are over 18 years old, you are welcome to the lobby and reward your future with a win.

Theme and appearance

The moment you choose the Alf Casino as your online playground, you get exposed to a theme that depicts the future of gaming. Remember to have a hero in mind or at least a set of characters that you can peg on a hero figure because it is this character that you will take with you into the Alf Casino as a gaming companion. The theme color of this casino is purple; seems boring but wait until you see the various highlights done in pastel colors.

Notice the horizontal bar at the top of this page? Everything about the welcome bonus is listed out here. A little further down the page and you are sucked into a world of tournaments and promotions as they are displayed on a horizontal bar. Taking time on the site to learn the different features will unlock more opportunities with which you can use to make money.

Bonuses & Rewards

Some bonuses are too good to be true but at Alf Casino, every promise made to players must come to pass. Well, new players are met with these rewards the minute their account becomes active. It is no surprise to get a cash reward that matches your initial deposit by 100% but for the real figures, create an account and experience it by yourself.

In addition to the free money, the Alf Casino also awards free spins to new accounts, a necessary move that allows newbies to try out games for free before they can make up their mind to invest real money. Players rewards do not end at sign up, instead, they get even more enticing because every day and every week, there is a new promotion running at the Alf Casino. This definitely keeps players busy but most importantly, it draws them closer to the VIP loyalty programme that earns them even more benefits.

alf casino review

An impressive slot collection

Imagine a portfolio of over 1000 games; this is the reality at Alf Casino meaning that players can play a new game every day for three years without having to repeat any. You obviously will not have exhausted the collection by then because new game release will be added and some old ones will be improved. Like in many gaming sites, slots make up for the bulk of the games and this is to cater for the popular games demand.

Traditional games are also hosted here and those that would want to replicate the experience of playing in a land-based casino can try out the different versions of baccarat, poker, and blackjack. Perhaps the site developers change the layout of the site frequently because every visit to the site appears to be a new experience even for seasoned players.


Customer support

There are times when navigation, payment, calculation of wins, verification of personal information or another gaming site related issue seems to go wrong. Before you panic into despair, go through the FAQ section because there are chances that the same query was asked by another and sorted out.

If there is no answer or what is given is not satisfactory, contact the customer support team through email, and phone support is highly recommended. Support is available throughout the day and night and this caters to any time play as well as international players.

Summary of Alf Casino

Clearly, no other casino offers as much as what Alf Casino does and since they take player security seriously, they will always attract a flock of players on the site at any given time.

This is a great spot for people who take online gaming seriously. The fact that no major complaints have been launched against the casino is a testimony to the thousands of visitors on the site every month.

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