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Casino Affiliate Programs


Earning online has never been more mainstream and affiliate programs have a huge role to play in that structural change in the society. If you are leaning towards signing up for a casino affiliate program yourself, then here is some help. Our experts have created a comprehensive list of online casino affiliate programs to assist you in finding the one that suits you the best.

Affiliate Programs – the Basics

Affiliate programs have been around for a while now. If you have been around the digital marketing circuit, then you know the drill. If you are new then you should know that you can succeed in an online casino affiliate program only if you are ready to perform relentlessly.

Online casinos use their affiliate programs to promote their business. So, an online casino will pay an affiliate only when they get a user that visited the online casino via the marketing channels created by the affiliate.

Different affiliate programs offer different commission models for their affiliate partners. Some online casinos follow a revenue share method, where they pay the marketer a percentage of the revenue they earn from the online traffic sent by them. The other payment mode, the fixed commission, is rather straightforward. The online casino pays a fixed commission, which it considers the cost of customer acquisition, to the affiliate when the player signs up and makes a deposit at the casino.

It is not difficult to see why online casino affiliate programs have become hugely popular. They are mutually beneficial. That is also the reason why they are used as marketing tools by all online casinos. A good online casino affiliate program can mean the difference between the failure and the success of an online casino.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program?

If you are new to the online casino affiliate programs, then you have to create a system to choose the right program for your needs. This is crucial to ensure that you actually get returns for the efforts you put in. You have to put the casino and its affiliate program under the microscope. Followed are some tips to help you create that system and become a successful affiliate marketer for an online casino.

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Profitability Matters

This is a no brainer. To give away a respectable commission to its affiliate marketer, it is important that a casino is doing well. Do your own research to find out if an online casino is doing well. A good place to find this information can be the projected profits of the online casino and how it has been performing over the past year or two. If the online casino has been going strong for a while, then it will do well in the near future too.

Credibility Score

Another good metric to gauge an online casino would be its credibility. It’s a good idea to go to online discussion forums and message boards to make sure that the online casino has a legitimate offering. While this may not have an immediate effect on the profits, it is important to find a credible casino. Marketing a fraudulent business will impact your reputation as an affiliate marketer. So, you have to be doubly sure that you are endorsing a credible business and not a scam.

The more reputed an online casino is, the better will be the benefits and the harder it will be to get into its affiliate program.

Suitable Payment Schedule

Go through the affiliate program and find out the mode of payment the online casino offers. Depending on your personal preference, you can either choose an affiliate program that offers a revenue sharing model, the one that pays out a fixed commission, or a hybrid program that incorporates both commission models.

Bundling is Not Preferable

There is no dearth of online casino affiliate programs in the market. However, before signing up to any one of them make sure that you find out how the program is structured. There are many multi-brand affiliate programs out there. What they essentially do is put the players you bring in and all of their earnings from different platforms into one bundle. This can negatively affect your earnings because the profit you could have made from one casino might be nullified by another. Go for an affiliate program which comes without a bundling policy.

Stay Away from Negative Carryovers

To stay away from them, you will have to first understand what negative carryover is. Let’s say, you brought a player to the casino, who played with £1000, but did not win. Let’s say, according to your affiliate terms, you get £200, while the casino earns £800. But, if the player wins big, your affiliate account can go into a negative balance.

There are affiliate programs that carry forward the negative balance to the following month till the account balance reaches zero. However, there are other affiliate programs that offer a ‘no negative carryover’ policy, which means that no matter what kind of a negative balance your affiliate account had in the last month, your account balance will start afresh from £0 every month.

It’s easy to see who is the winner here, right?

Look for Sub-Affiliate Incentives

While looking into an affiliate program, make it a point to enquire about the sub-affiliate incentives that they offer. This is another name for a referral program. Let’s say you have a family member, friend or an acquaintance interested in an online casino affiliate program and you introduce them to your program. Depending on the affiliate program, you will be able to earn a commission on how the marketers you referred perform over the course of time.

Closing Thoughts

Online casino affiliate programs are gaining popularity. There are hundreds of them floating on the internet. You have to be sure that you have a clear understanding of the terms so that there are no rude shocks for you later on. Use the tips here and your common sense to pick the one that suits you the best.

We have done extensive research and condensed all of that knowledge to create this list of some of the best affiliate programs out there. Browse through them and pick your business partner carefully.

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