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Agg Affiliates program is the official promoter of Camspins online casino. It is the only casino promoted by the affiliate program. That’s because Agg Affiliates and Camspins casino are both new entrants in the market. In fact, Campins casino was launched as recently as 2018. For this reason, Agg Affiliates is on a promotional overdrive to make Camspins casino as popular as possible in a very short time.

Of course, the casino has its own bundles of phenomenal bonuses to do the job. But, that’s hardly enough. That’s why Agg Affiliates is here to push Camspins casino to the forefront of online gambling. And, to make that happen, Agg Affiliates is looking for affiliate partners and is ready to share good money for their hard work and contribution.

So, affiliates from all around the world, it’s time to get an honest opinion on this affiliate. Here’s everything you should know about this affiliate program.

The Trust Factor

CamSpins casino has dual gambling licenses from two of the most reputed gambling commissions in the world – the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao E-Gaming. That should be all the proof affiliates need to know that Agg Affiliates and the casino it represents are legitimate businesses with sound business practices. But, there’s more.

All the affiliate statistics on the casino, including the traffic, signups brought by the affiliates, the net revenue generated by the referred players, and so on are tracked and monitored by PartnerMatrix, an affiliate intelligence tool from EveryMatrix. This award-winning business has successfully proven its excellence and dependability in the world of iGaming for years. So, affiliates can trust the stats provided by them.

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Agg Affiliates has a simple but attractive commission structure that offers up to 45% of the net revenues generated by the referred players as commissions to the affiliate partners. The commissions as per this revenue share deal are as follows:

  • 25% commissions on net revenues generated by players for lifetime when the number of signups during that particular month is between 0-5
  • 30% commissions when the signups are between 6-10
  • 35% commissions when the signups are between 11-20
  • 40% commissions when the signups are between 21-30
  • 43% commissions when the signups are between 31-60
  • 45% commissions when the signups are between 60+

Apart from the revenue sharing deal, Agg Affiliates also gives affiliate partners the option of creating a tailored commission plan with them. An account manager will device a mutually beneficial commission plan for them.


Agg Affiliates does not follow a negative carryover policy. So, if there is no negative balance at the end of a month in the affiliate partner’s account, the same would be waved off in the next month.

All affiliate partners can make additional profits by taking the sub-affiliate route. Any new affiliate partners that they refer will automatically quality the original affiliate for a sub-affiliate revenue share arrangement. So, in addition to the profits made from sending the casino new players, the affiliate partners can make money on the profits made by their sub-affiliates.


Agg Affiliates is a new affiliate for a new casino and is aggressively promoting its casino. Affiliate partners can take advantage of this and engage in a lifetime worth of huge profits.

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