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Genesis Affiliates

Genesis Affiliates are one of the best affiliate partnering websites on the internet right now, and by the looks of it, it is also very promising. It is one multi-product affiliate program website and assures great returns to all its members. Not only that, it is also one of the quickest ways to make money almost instantly. An interesting website, Genesis Affiliates supports multiple language casinos! It is a great investment and will give you tremendous results in the long run. Dive in to understand the website better.

Why Choose Genesis Affiliates?

Genesis Affiliates is a thoughtfully created website that comes with a user-friendly interface. The team behind Genesis Affiliates is comprised of highly trained professionals who have years and years of experience in their field of work. This team will assist you throughout the entire process of your affiliate program. They will be available to guide you through the whole process at each step.

The best part about Genesis Affiliate is that it places a lot of focus on the success of its members. Genesis Affiliates strives to achieve the highest conversion rates through their program members. This is done by the traffic its members generate using the high ranking, performance-based market enterprises.

Commission Models

Genesis Affiliates has designed a commission model suitable for all types of affiliate partners.  Let us take a look at the commission plans of Genesis Affiliates.

  • Revenue Share Plan: This is their best plan by far! This comes with a simple plan of action. According to this plan, the members get paid on commissions based on net revenue.
  • Cost per Acquisition: This is the most flexible plan in the Genesis Affiliates Commission Model. This is completely customized and is tailor-made for affiliates as per their requirements. Genesis Affiliates tweaks the commission payment as per the unique business model of each CPA affiliate.
  • Referral Plan: Even if the affiliates don’t take up any other plan, they can still earn 2.5% commission simply by referring players. All they have to do is refer casinos to players, and in return, they’ll get up to 2.5% lifetime commission on their net revenue.
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Casinos represented by Genesis Affiliates  



Genesis Affiliates has tie-ups with the best brands in the Casino business. Right from Vegas Hero, Genesis Casino, Spela, and so on. They have it all! Not only that, they also pride themselves on the super-fast payouts. Their members don’t have to wait for too long to get their money.


Genesis Affiliates is a coming of age affiliate program and is one of the best ones in the market right now. They have an excellent revenue structure for all their members, and is a sure shot method to get rich in no time! They provide considerable commissions to their members for every player they recruit, and the best and the unique part is that the commissions are for a lifetime! Genesis Affiliates does know how to attract and retain its partners. It is definitely worth checking out.

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