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The success of any casino in the virtual online space is primarily determined by how it is promoted. Promotion in the online casino industry is something that is perfected using the right marketing strategies backed by strong affiliation through a highly efficient network of creative individuals. Combining these two elements to form an effective affiliate program, Glitnor Affiliates has emerged as one of the most successful affiliate platforms for the promotion of several well-known brands that include Lucky Casino, Gambola and Dora Mahjong.


All affiliations and partnerships that Glitnor Affiliates engages in are strictly governed by legal agreements bound by a set of terms and conditions that apply to both Glitnor and its affiliate partners.

The legitimacy of Glitnor is further strengthened by the fact that this platform is a part of Glitnor Marketing Limited. The company has its registered office located in Gibraltar along with proper company credentials, including a registration number. It is governed by the laws of Gibraltar.

What additionally establishes the brand name of Glitnor Affiliates in the market is that veterans operate it. They also have a background in the casino industry and business acumen that increases the overall success rate of this online platform.

Commissions at Glitnor

Commissions at Glitnor Affiliates can be extremely lucrative. Your partnership with this organisation can yield a commission as high as 40% of the net revenues. The revenues are those generated by players making their deposits at an online casino (a partner for Glitnor) for the very first time as a result of your referrals to these participating sites.

As a newcomer, you can start earning at a rate of 30% of the generated net revenues in a given month. Subsequent increments follow as the number of referred players further increases.

When you navigate through the section about rewards at Glitnor, you will find that while the highest commission that you can earn in case of a casino is 40%, the rate is fixed for some casinos like Dora Mahjong.

Glitnor Affiliates additionally offers you an opportunity to earn passive income in the form of another commission that you can enjoy by introducing sub-affiliates to Glitnor. However, keep in mind that an arrangement of this kind will be subject to approval from the concerned affiliate director at Glitnor. It will also require an agreement with your affiliate manager.

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Other Features

At Glitnor Affiliates, you can experience innovation at its best whether it is advertising, marketing or promotion. The strategies implemented on this platform employ some of the latest marketing techniques, including adverts and banners aimed at generating long term benefits for both Glitnor and its affiliate partners. 

Besides, you will have the advantage of relying on updated statistics that will enable you to carefully target prospective players and accordingly utilise all the relevant marketing and promotional tools to increase your pool of referrals. As a partner, you will have the privilege of consulting your account manager. The personalised support is to ensure that you can extract maximum benefit from your efforts.

Apart from all these benefits, you can also be a part of several collaborations by virtue of being associated with Glitnor, and look forward to several good opportunities.


Glitnor Affiliates rightly believes in the power of affiliation and partnerships along with the combination of knowledge and experience.

The success that this platform has achieved can largely be attributed to this belief. If you are looking forward to a partnership with Glitnor, you are making a wise choice.

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