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Jumpman Affiliates

Operating under Jumpman Gaming Limited, Jumpman Affiliates offers an effective marketing platform that helps to promote online casinos. It is involved in running affiliate programmes for a wide range of brands that include Space Wins, Cash Arcade, Sunny Wins, Pirate Slots, Dove Bingo and Fever Bingo. All these brands offer their players a host of exciting games and a whole lot of promotions and other incentives that are most likely to attract a pool of customers looking forward to a great and lasting gaming experience.


The affiliate programmes are governed by strict regulations. All activities are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as well as the commission in Alderney. Hence, if you are looking for a partnership as an affiliate marketer, you can easily rely on Jumpman Affiliates to help you partner with some of the best casinos in the industry.

Structure of Commission

The commission that you are entitled to is structured on the basis of the net revenue that referred customers will generate at the online casino. You can start earning a commission of 25% right away. As the number of players making deposits increase, so will the percentage of commission you will stand to earn. When the number of players exceeds 51, you can earn as high as 50% as commission. Thus, the greater the number of players, the higher will be the deposits. A good amount of deposits will naturally imply a good percentage of commission.

Moreover, with Jumpman Affiliates, you will be offered a revenue share to the tune of 50% in the three months immediately after joining as a partner affiliate.

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Casinos represented by Jumpman Affiliates  


Other Features

Jumpman Affiliates allows you to make residual earnings on the basis of players who are usually termed as ‘high value’. All payments that you are due to receive concerning a particular month will be accounted for before the following month comes to an end. You can use payment options like Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, PayPal, PaySafeCard and other solutions. 

When it comes to the privacy of the partner affiliates, you can be sure that all the details provided by you are secure. Jumpman Affiliates ensures such security by means of encryption, and control policies in relation to access and firewalls. Thus, you will understand the level of security that is maintained as far as your data is concerned.


With Jumpman Affiliates, you can explore the effective marketing strategies that would help you to perform well and earn good commission. Partnering with this affiliate programme would prove to be beneficial.

The reason is simple, especially when it happens to have a good reputation in the market as far as its affiliate programmes, strategies and payment methods are concerned.

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