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The ultimate aim of LuckyAffs Affiliates is to help affiliate partners generate a significant number of leads for partner casinos that let them turn their website traffic into a huge paycheck. Even one new customer registration with a minimum first deposit can get a good income.

Though profit generation, as fascinating as it sounds, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs expert marketing funnels and exclusive tools to be able to develop and evolve. At LuckAffs, both these essential requirements are taken care of. With a decade of experience in the affiliate industry, not only do the managers at LuckAffs understand the tricks of amazing design creation, but also know the importance of true partnerships.

Experienced Affiliate Managers

The affiliate managers at Lucky Affs have both expertise and experience. Having worked for over a decade in this field, they have had exposure to understand the unique marketing space for casinos. The strategies of publicity and sales funnel are thus customized in an order that fits the need of the partner website. This way, the affiliate partners can earn more with limited effort.

Data Analysis Tools

The Data Analysis tools used at LuckyAffs have had been the source behind the success of hundreds of casino sites and similar platforms. The tools help both the partners understand the details of each suite of marketing and how they can use it to direct more traffic to different partner casinos. Furthermore, the steps are taken to nurture all the positive elements in a way so that the affiliates can send profitable players to the casino.

Guaranteed and Regular Payments

LuckyAffs has earned the trust of the affiliate partner by releasing the right payment on time. Irrespective of the traffic generated by the affiliate partner, they are paid within the first week of every month. LuckyAffs sends its payments through bank wire transfer or Neteller. For a Wire transfer, the minimum amount should be €200, and for Neteller, the minimum amount should be €50. Both of these payment methods are highly reliable and completely safe. This further adds to the trustworthiness of Luckyaffs Affiliates.

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Lucky Affs Specialty

Apart from offering the best tool and stand-alone apps, LuckyAffs assures in-depth reporting of all the campaigns run by the affiliate partner’s website. This comprehensive report will help them analyze what worked for their site, and find the areas that can be strengthened in the future.

The regular reports and analysis help affiliate partners to regularly change their marketing strategies with the changing trends in the online casino industry. This kind of robust approach keeps them relevant and helps them to earn handsome commissions regularly. So, the affiliate partners are not just able to send large quantity but also good quality players to the various partner casinos.

Final Verdict

With bespoke marketing tools and a professional team to assist the affiliate partners, LuckyAffs Affiliates is one of the most popular destinations for all the seasoned affiliate marketers in the iGaming industry.

It helps them fully leverage their website’s traffic potential.

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