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MrAffiliate is the official affiliate program for MrGreen online casino and Garbo. Despite being in the business for many years, MrGreen casino has not added any new brand to the iGaming world. The reason for this is simple. The people behind MrGreen and MrAffiliate have focused all their energies on making both of these platforms the most formidable players in the industry.

To be honest, we dare say that they have succeeded in their mission. MrGreen online casino has won the title of Online Casino of the Year award multiple times and is the winner of Brand of the Year award. MrAffiliate is also the winner of Affiliate of the Year award and many other prestigious awards.

When affiliates partner with MrAffiliate, they are partnering with one of the most successful and renowned casino brands in the industry.

The Due Diligence

The online casino that MrAffiliate promotes, MrGreen is registered and licensed in Malta. It is regulated by Malta Gaming Authority. The affiliate program does accept affiliate partners from the US. However, MrGreen online casino does not allow any players from the US.

MrAffiliate makes use of NetRefer, one of the most widely used affiliate intelligence tool for tracking the commissions of the affiliate partners. NetRefer is one of the most reliable and trusted intelligence tools in the business. Hence, the affiliates can depend on the stats provided by it.

MrGreen is such a powerful brand in the industry that its affiliate program enjoys the partnership of well over 5000 affiliates in the industry. That’s a lot of affiliates.


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MrAffiliate has amassed a wealth of affiliate partners in the iGaming industry to promote MrGreen casino. It didn’t get there by ignoring the needs of its affiliate partners. Its standard revenue share commission structure is evidence of that. Here are its details:

  • 25% commission if the referral player signups per month is between 0-1
  • 30% commission if the referral player signups per month is between 2-4
  • 35% commission if the referral player signups per month is between 5-14
  • 40% commission if the referral player signups per month is between 15-29
  • 45% commission if the referral player signups per month is between 30+

All the commissions are earned on the net revenue generated by the referral players on the casino for the lifetime.


  • MrAffiliate has a no negative carryover policy. The only drawback of this affiliate program is its cookie storage policy, which is only 30 days.
  • The affiliates can withdraw their earnings as soon as it reaches €100 in size. Only the US affiliates are not allowed to withdraw their money until they earn €500 or more.
  • All payments to the affiliates are made through Neteller, Skrill, or cheque.


MrAffiliate is the official promoter of one of the most reputed and celebrated online casino brands in the industry. That should be enough reason for any affiliate marketer to sign up for its affiliate program right away. The fact that MrAffiliate offers a competitive affiliate program is just the icing on the cake.

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