Playtech is one of the biggest software providers out there in the iGaming industry. It has firmly established its position among the top 3 gaming software providers. In fact, Playtech is so big that it is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange.


Playtech offers a variety of assets for the online gambling industry, including slot games, live casino rooms, classic casino games, table games, casino software, and more. Today, Playtech is renowned across the world for its high-quality online casino games and casinos.


The software provider singlehandedly offers more than 350 online casino games of all varieties. This is exclusive of the games offered by its subsidiaries like Quickspin. Playtech has a humongous collection of high-quality slot games. As a big-time player in the industry, Playtech has the financial resources to obtain licensing and rights from some of the biggest studios in the Hollywood, including DC, Marvel, Disney, and Warner Bros. Therefore, you can find branded slots such as Avengers, Iron Man, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and many more. These games come loaded with everything from cutscenes to dialogues from the movies, creating a thrilling entertainment experience. That’s not all.

If there’s one thing that Playtech does better than most others its line up of progressive slot games. Playtech’s progressive jackpot games are hosted on hundreds of casinos. So, all the bets placed by players on all those casinos on these games are accumulated into a common fund. When a supremely lucky player finally manages to win the games, they end up winning multi-million euros in a single sweep.

Then there are the various Playtech-powered casinos. These casinos feature top-quality website design, easy to use interface, and a secure and fun environment where players can enjoy high-quality gaming entertainment.

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Playtech was launched in the year 1999 in Estonia. However, the software provider’s biggest market was the US. When the US banned all forms of online gambling in the country in 2006, Playtech’s operations took a hit. However, by then, the software provider had built a rock-solid reputation in the industry and had customers from all over the world. As the company had listed itself on the stock market the same year, its stocks took some hit, but the company recovered quickly.

Over the years, Playtech has acquired multiple casino brands and services, including PT Turnkey Services,, Aristocrat Lotteries, and many more. It even absorbed multiple gaming software providers like Quickspin, YoYo Games, Totalizator Sportowand so on. With a slew of acquisitions, Playtech has become one of the biggest players in the industry and exercises control over a substantial segment of the iGaming industry.


This software provider has risen to the top 3 positions in the industry by providing top-notch casino entertainment in all its forms. To ensure that the players of its games get a fabulous gaming experience, Playtech offers casino software to online casinos. Casinos can choose between a casino software that can run smoothly on any browser or a software client that must be installed onto the player’s computer. Playtech’s casinos themselves operate on Adobe Flash-powered app that can run on any browser. Players just need to visit the casino’s website and start playing the games there directly, whether they are using a desktop, laptop, Android phone, or an iOS phone.


Playtech is one of the few online casino software providers who focus heavily on providing a superior gaming experience for their players. The product of that effort is clearly visible in their work, be it in their games or on their casino software.