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The Dutch Gaming Authority (DGA) of the Netherlands has been established in the year 2012. It is an independent governing body, which regulates the offline and online gambling in the country. It was established with the purpose to create a safe and fair gambling atmosphere in Netherland. The DGA has the power to grant licenses to business that abides all the laws and regulations related to gambling. It monitors the gambling industry with scrutiny to ensure safe gambling within a secured and fair gambling environment.

Dutch Gaming Authority

The Netherlands had been very stringent about its gambling laws and regulations. It had established its first gambling regulatory body in the year 1726, which later became an autonomous governing body called College van Toezicht op Kansspelen. Its primary objective was to track and monitor the gambling industry and ensure that all the casinos and players adhere to the gambling laws of the Netherlands. The DGA replaced this body on 1st April 2012. Then, the DGA became the official body with the authority to grant licenses to online casinos and other online gambling products in the Netherlands.

The new gambling license will include various kinds of online gambling games such as Bingo, Slot games, Poker, and other Casino Games.

Types of Licenses

As the regulatory body for gambling in the Netherlands, the DGA has been offering various licenses to the casinos and other gambling websites. These licenses are designed in accordance with the Dutch Laws regarding the gambling industry. Thus, they have come up with various specific licenses that address specific areas of the gambling industry. Some of the licenses offered by the DGA include:

  • Gaming Machine License
  • Multi-Year License
  • Non- Recurring Licenses
  • Non- Remote General Betting (Limited) Operating License
  • Operating license
  • Remote Gambling License
  • Single Year License

Other licenses used by online casinos

Features of the DGA

  • Reliability

The DGA has emerged as one of the most reliable and trusted gambling regulatory bodies across Europe. They have taken several stringent steps to provide a safe and fair environment to the players. They have strict gambling regulations in place that are effective and fair.

  • Security

The DGA offers a sense of security to the Dutch players who gamble online. They keep a tab on the casinos and other gambling businesses to ensure that the players are secured against cybercrimes and money frauds. They offer a license to the businesses and casinos that abide by the Dutch gambling laws.

  • Safeguard People’s Interest

The DGA has been safeguarding people’s interests through strict monitoring over the gambling industry. They ensure safe and responsible gambling in online casinos. They ensure that all players are treated fairly at online casinos.

  • Discourage Gambling Addiction

The DGA is responsible for regulating, monitoring, and managing the gambling industry. However, it does not promote gambling or advertises gambling or casinos in any form. On the contrary, it takes every possible measure to discourage the addiction to gambling.

  • Protect Minors

The DGA has prohibited minors from participating in online gambling games. The players have to declare and submit their age proof before they start playing on the casino.


The DGA stringently monitors the gambling industry in the Netherlands. They have been protecting the interests of the players and keeping the gambling industry clean.