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Metal Casino Review

Rock music has a huge following around the world and here is a casino that aims to rocks casino players with this theme. Whether you love listening to rock music or not, the energy, thrill, and suspense of playing in this casino are bound to keep you hooked. Having opened its doors to the public in 2017, Metal Casino is founded on the principles of guitar music.

No rock concert can claim to strike the nerves of its audience without an electric guitar and on the backdrop of this casino is the much-adored instrument. If you see a guitar set against a set of cards and casino table chips, will your mind be wired to think about gambling? Well, that depends on how well casino life works for you. Play at Metal Casino once or twice and be warned it might just be your favorite spot on the internet.

Epic bonuses at Metal Casino

The only way to be part of the rock and roll themed environment of Metal Casino is to create an account. Surprise! When you deposit some money into this account, you get to claim a deposit bonus; this is allowed for the first and second deposits. In line with the theme of the casino, there are other bonuses earned by players who play late at night. This is a great way for existing players to make money because the offer is open every day of the week.

Site design

A lot of information is contained in this casino’s website and if you take a closer look, you will understand the developer journey as much as they do. Licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority seasoned casino players will recognize this as one of the most trusted authorities in the casino world. It is the reason perhaps that this casino is built with such a high graphics design model as well as layout.

To ensure that this casino passes the fairness test, an independent auditor tests their systems regularly; there is no way this casino will have an unfair edge over its players. One feature that really stands out from this casino is the presence of real rock band merchandise. The replication of real items that players can easily identify with or win as mementos is really epic of this site.

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Slots at Metal Casino

While it does require some attention to detail to notice the unique layout this casino has adopted, it is easy to grasp it. Look to the left of the main screen which is mostly black in color and there is a menu that offers an expressway into what the core of the casino holds. Games are listed third after the join us and sign in bolt struck tabs and it is in here that most players will spend most of their time. A list of slots is the first to drop down from this selection but they will be under a theme matching title “killer games”.

Well, it may seem a little scary but it does present a unique way of enjoying the rock and roll life away from the concerns. Besides, it is within the killer games banner that new and trending titles can be found. Metal Casino also offers jackpot titles but you will need to uncover the channel to get to them yourself to appreciate the thrill they come with. Of note to older players is the fact that Metal Casino stays true to the roots of gambling by keeping classic games, table games and poker games within its lobby for those who still have regard for them.


Customer support

Metal Casino seems a bit harsh in the way it treats new and existing players. It may be an oversight of the developers or a work in progress but a lot of questions currently being directed to the customer support team border on offers and promotions. Nevertheless, other issues can be addressed via a live chat window on the main screen right-hand corner or email if the subject needs a lot of detail.


Metal Casino presents a rather unique way of enjoying casino games. For sure the collection in their lobby is huge and those who have accounts here will have a time of their life every time they log in.

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