Best New Casinos 2020


The year is almost over, and its time to list some of the best online casinos that are to come in the next year. The internet is flooded with all types of casinos, and it’s a bit difficult to judge what suits best to your gaming palate. The most crucial part of any casino is to decide how reliable it is and how strong they get back to us in case of any problems. Games are always there for fun, but that is not enough when we are interacting with the casino. We require proper digital security and want the casino to solve our problems when we are stuck on one.

So, what makes a good casino, and how can we judge them? There are multiple factors you should know about going into 2020. Read on to find more.


Here are three new online casinos from 2020, guaranteed to offer a great casino experience.
Only a select few casinos that manage to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to their players will be displayed here.


A Trustworthy Platform Remains a Basic Requisite

Regulator Licences

The first and foremost thing to look for is licenses. If you are a regular casino player, then you know that licenses offer security. Understandably, any casino with dual licenses has a definite advantage. Usually the licenses are displayed on the website of the casino, with registration number and the licensing body. If some online casino platform does not show any license, then you should enquire more and if you still do not get a clear answer, its best to avoid it.

All casinos which obtain a license are bound to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the regulator disbursing it. Failing to follow, they are subjected to penalties. Usually, the UK Gambling Commission, Government of Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Commission, Interactive Gaming Council and Remote Gambling Association are some of the names which are associated with trustworthy casinos. Most reputed casinos are usually a member of eCogra. Ecogra is a regulatory body which assesses all the big casinos and awards them with a Certified Seal of Approval.

Game Developers

Big names in the industry like Microgaming are very particular about who they associate their brand with and how their games are offered to the customer. Good developers allow players to track and view the game and give out all the specifics of the game. If the casino does not come with a big game developer tag, it is not really a reason to panic. Just look for features offered by the game and focus on how the developers ensure the randomness of the outcome. Ask yourselves questions like – Are they straightforward about the mechanics of the game? Are they offering all the information that is needed? If the answer is no, then notice the red flags.

Operator Reputation

Generally, the operator of the casinos will be mentioned on the website. We always do some research about the operator of the casino. There are many reputable operators who have two or more casinos. No matter how many they own, the rules, regulations and policy will always be the same. If you are a seasoned casino player, just the name of the operator will ring a bell. If you are not, make sure to do your research on how long they have been in the market. The more experienced they are, the better it is! We generally vouch for someone who has been in the market for a while because they are more than likely to deliver on their promises.

Responsible Gaming Standards

All casinos must follow are ethical practices ensuring fair and just gaming. The very first sign is the 18+ icon, ensuring no underage gaming is performed at the casino. Generally all good casinos have a separate section on responsible gaming, stating in detail, what needs to be done, in case players are addicted to the game. In the year 2020, it is almost required for casinos to be associated with organisations like Net Nanny, Game Care, Game Stop, Be Gamble Aware and others. They will have a series of steps for the players to self-assess and find out how far they are into the addiction. All these are important procedures which give value to the customers and assure them that the company is more than just a money-making platform.

The More Advanced the Technology, the Better the Experience

Improved Gaming

The technology of any web gaming platform runs hand in hand with all the features of the casino. The year 2018 saw a rise in the popularity level of VR games. However, with each advancement of technology, companies strive to improve the gaming experience of punters in a major way. AI, virtual reality and ‘live’ factors are used frequently to provide out of the world experience. It is through these factors that we assess a proper online casino.


The quality of the website is the first give away of how technologically advanced a casino is. Some of the new features we look for are the use of HTML 5 and the next-gen firewall. The navigation system of a website must also be easy to follow, with proper layout and information. Page banners are a striking feature, and we look into must know what they display so that the right message is passed on to the players. Another significant feature is the website experience on mobile platforms. Good game developers and website developers use to optimise their websites in a manner that they are compatible with different technologies on the variety of cell phones. This ensures faster speeds and better performance.

Security System

For a novice, it may be hard to understand the SSL protocol encryption and firewall features, but if you do know a bit about software, then always do a quick check as to the security features the casino offers. Generally, we will see most casinos who are interested in doing business putting up good security, but we never can be sure. Casinos ask for all kinds of documents to verify the identity of the players. While this may be a security feature that makes the casinos safer, be wary of casinos that ask too much information. In 2020, when there is a higher focus on privacy, it is your right for you to ask the casino the purpose of asking specific information and how it will be used.

Customer Support

Customer support teams are going digital and making it easier for punters to get their queries resolved. Keep your eyes on casinos that offer hi-tech customer support solutions like live chat and instant messaging. Such features allow the casinos to automate processes, resolve grievances quickly, and keep the customers happy.

The Fun Should Never Stop at a Top 2020 Casino


You will not know how good a casino is until you try the games it has to offer. But, you do not have to when you have us. And we love our job of trying out new games! Our primary focus while playing a game is to ascertain if it is fun to play or not. So, when you choose a casino in 2020, make sure that you check our review or play the game to ensure that you enjoy it. If we do not enjoy it, then games are too outdated or boring and don’t have that spark that people play for.

This is the reason reputed casinos collaborate with game developers to make sure games are fun and entertaining. They develop various themes to offer an augmented reality experience. Sometimes, players forget that they are in the real world. Punters play to get away from the harsh realities of life and get some peace of mind and fun when they return home after a tiring day. So, the games should provide a psychological boost. The variety of games matter too. We all love the classic table games like poker, baccarat, roulette and of course bingo! But, it is also essential to offer fun games that are characteristic of the new era of gaming.

Progressive Jackpot Payouts

The integrity and credibility of any online casino can be understood by the way it cashes out its jackpots. Some payout after the payout has reached a specific minimum limit, others payout at the end of every month, no matter what the amount is. The critical thing to look at is how well the winning payouts are distributed over the years. The spread will give you a good idea of how the casino will be performing in the new year as well.


Ultimately, we all love fantastic bonuses. However, some new casinos are in a hurry to attract new customers and hence make lucrative deals on their website. But as we all know, there is only so much cash to give out! And because of this, they end up having strict wagering requirements which totally spoils the mood. However, when the new casinos become more stable in the market, they create sustainable revenues for themselves by taking away lucrative deals and presenting the players with small bonuses. Be on the lookout for such casinos or just check out our listings.

Miscellaneous Treats

To find out the full bandwidth of the rewards offered by the casino, you will have to play and interact with them a little. Some offer cash backs, scratch cards, and even shopping vouchers from Amazon. Many also offer discounts on local pizza places and chicken meals for dinner! Although not a very important aspect, but they sure add to your fun! Some of our other benefits include looking into revenue systems to analyse how strong they are financially and how well they are performing in the market.

Convenience Will Be a Priority in 2020

Country Restrictions

Many online casinos do not function in specific countries. It may be simply because the laws of those countries do not allow gambling or their policies are too complicated to run a gambling business in that region. To be honest, the more access a casino has, the better, because then you know it has followed several tedious guidelines and policies to get permissions and offer you its services. Country access also allows currency options, which can be great if casinos are operational internationally. Isn’t that the point of online casinos? 2020 will see more markets opening up for gambling and more players in the industry setting up shop to attract players in these untapped markets. Look out for them.

Payment Solutions

Right payment solutions can bring a lot of convenience to the players. Payment methods determine how easily we will be able to cash out our winnings. The most prevalent methods are Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and bank transfers. It can be a bit restrictive since they take a lot of time to process transactions and bank charges are involved. Ewallets are best for online casinos, and even PayPal is a favourite among many. We look for the maximum payment options that a casino gives out. Especially those targeted European audiences have quite an array of payment methods that are accepted by the company. Bitcoins and cryptocurrency are the new rave and can be considered as most technologically advanced methods. They will be becoming even more popular with time.

Easy Access to Solutions

Reputed casinos hire retired professional gamblers or experts for this process. They are often the best ones to solve any queries. But not everyone can do so. In spite of it, the team must be trained to resolve any customer issue within 48 hours or so. If any problem takes more time, then the team is clearly not equipped enough. The eCogra casinos, have the team of eCogra to solve the issues as well. They hold a reputation for settling any dispute within 48 hours. If you think your casino is taking too long, you should not hesitate to contact eCogra. Live Chat feature is also an essential feature nowadays. In any case, the judgment depends on how efficient and how fast the customer support team is.

The Best New Casinos in 2020

Assessing online casinos in 2020 will require us to consider even more factors, and it is not going to be an easy task, but we will keep pushing ourselves and doing it for the sake of the punters! At the end of the day, all entertainment must be legitimate and conducted fairly. We gather a great deal of information from our reliable sources to find out how each casino operates internally.

We will continue to discuss casinos’ regulatory licenses, players’ interests, and bring out substantial information about their policies. In the new year, we will be paying more heed to the technology and convenience aspect of the casinos. We will compare each of them to give a proper ranking on all factors. We will also offer tips, tricks and smart suggestions that can make the best out of all the casino games.

Happy Gambling 2020!