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The immense success achieved by the online casino industry in recent times can be primarily attributed to the presence of several affiliates in the market. The role played by these affiliates remains extremely crucial for increasing the customer base of any online casino and in essence, determines its ultimate pool of players. Stay Lucky Partners is one such name that has achieved considerable recognition when it comes to promoting casinos in the virtual space and has to its credit, two of the well-known brands namely, Club Lounge Casino and Stay Lucky Casino.


Professionalism and transparency are some of the essential factors that drive success for Stay Lucky Partners. Consequently, this affiliate network runs its highly effective affiliate programme based on a set of strict terms and conditions that reflects the sound business practices that this network engages in. In addition to endorsing legitimacy, Stay Lucky Partners makes sure that it leaves ample opportunity for all its affiliate partners to revert with queries that they may have relevant to the services provided by this network at any point of time during their association with Stay Lucky. Flexibility such as this makes the partnership with this platform all the more favourable should you be looking forward to a fruitful association for building your promotions.

Commission at Stay Lucky Partners

Your service at Stay Lucky Partners can be extremely remunerative with commissions as high as 50% in terms of revenue share based on the number of players that you have actually referred to the brands that are being promoted by this network. You will be eligible for all of this during the first three consecutive months from the date of joining as an affiliate partner. Stay Lucky Partners entitles you to a default commission rate of 30% of the net amounts generated as revenue by the referred players conditioned upon securing at least one ‘qualified account’ in any given period of 3 months. A breach of this particular condition would automatically reduce the commission to a base rate of 25%. When you join Stay Lucky Partners, you will enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of selecting how you can earn your share of income on this platform. Accordingly, you can claim your earnings through options like CPA, Hybrid, CPL, Tenancy and Revenue Share. Stay Lucky also gives you the option to choose the payment method including Neteller, Skrill and wire transfer by which you can receive your commission on the 12th or 22nd of any given month following the month of the generation of traffic. 

Other Features

Stay Lucky Partners uses a host of innovative as well as effective marketing techniques for promoting its brands and drawing its requisite pool of customers. Some of the promotional tools include banners, splash pages, flash movies, video podcasts, flyers and promotional codes. Other conventional methods include the use of drawings, photos and emails.

What makes Stay Lucky Partners highly efficient as an affiliate network is that this platform uses various tracking systems (in addition to focussing on statistics) that accurately record your name as soon as you make a referral. You will further get the opportunity to render all the relevant services from your website (subject to certain rules and regulations set by Stay Lucky) and make the promotions on behalf of Stay Lucky Partners!


When you think of promoting brands as an affiliate partner in the field of online casinos, Stay Lucky Partners is a network that seems to be the obvious choice for the partnership. With a mix of professionalism and flexibility, this platform looks promising as far as its marketing techniques are concerned. Any association with this network will, therefore, prove to be highly successful in the long run.

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