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Best Casino Bonuses 2019 | Compare Bonuses & Rewards

Everybody wants a to start playing with a great casino bonus since it’s just extra money that gives you more chance to win and enjoy more games. With the huge variety of online casinos popping up, they are offering smarter, cooler and more beneficial bonuses to their players.

There is so much on offer and you have to figure out the best deals for yourself. You know that it is not always the amount of the bonus that matters. You have to read the fine print and find out which bonus you should take up depending on your typical need. That is where we come in! We have compiled exhaustive information about the bonuses offered by the best online casinos around. We will also offer you important things about these bonuses so that you can spot the differences between the various bonuses for yourself.

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Everybody wants a to start playing with a great casino bonus since it’s just extra money that gives you more chance to win and enjoy more games. With the huge variety of online casinos popping up, they are offering smarter, cooler and more beneficial bonuses to their players.




€1000 + 25




€1500 + 150





€1000 + 100


Here are three of our most popular online casinos, guaranteed to offer the best casino experience with plenty of great games and promotions for new and existing players. Only a select few online casinos that manage to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to their players will be displayed above.



Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way for casinos to attract new customers. That is a fact. You are more open to trying other games and that works well for the casino. But, there is no denying the fact that they are highly beneficial for the players as well. They allow you to play with thousands, if not hundreds of €/£/$, more than your initial deposit amount. Bonuses are the best way to get the most out of your money.

Different casinos have different bonuses for their patrons. These bonuses usually require the players to make some kind of an initial deposit. You may have to deposit a small deposit or a large deposit. You may get the bonus right away or will have to play a few rounds to be eligible for it. Some bonuses also depend on the particular games that the casino has to offer. There are many more options just like these.

You should make sure that you have compared most options available to you, so that you are in a position to pick the best bonus for your needs.

Cashback Bonuses

Winning and losing are a part of playing in a casino. But, if you are playing in an online casino, you might just win even after losing, thanks to the cashback bonus.

Some casinos offer their patrons the money they have lost in the last game or in a couple of previous games as a cashback in their account. They can play some more with the money, and the casino gets a customer for life. So, this is a pretty neat bonus.

Welcome Bonus

If you have been around the online casino scene long enough, then you are definitely familiar with the welcome bonuses. These are like the bare basic bonus that most of the casinos offer. First of all, they work amazingly as a goodwill gesture to new players for choosing a casino. There are many other casinos a player could have signed up for and therefore, the casinos appreciate every new customer’s signup with a rewarding bonus.

As a player, you should definitely take advantage of such offers. Some of these bonuses match the amount of money that you deposit at the start. Other casinos offer bonuses that do not require you to put up any deposit money at all. Basically, the house pays for the initial few games you play. Who wouldn’t like that!

Spin Bonuses

Spin away the wheel of bonus! Well, there is no wheel for any spinning either. A spin bonus is actually a casino term that refers to a bonus that allows you to play on the slot machine absolutely free. Of course, the casino wants to introduce you to the slots, but you should know that this bonus applies to a select number of slots depending on the casino.

You can keep playing with your winnings, but you will be able to withdraw the money only after you have played for a specific number of times on the online casino platform.

Exclusive casino bonuses 

VIP Clubs and VIP Bonus

It is important for businesses to cherish their most valued customers and nobody knows this better than online casinos. They not only love their best customers, but express their appreciation of their loyalty in plenty of ways. One of those ways is the VIP program. It is quite common in the online casino industry to offer exclusive VIP programs to select customers. Players who avail the VIP programs get exclusive bonuses, birthday bonuses, surprise bonuses, anniversary bonuses, and many more. In fact, they even get high roller bonuses, wherein for every deposit the player makes the casino adds an equivalent amount as a bonus to their account.

Online casinos go a long way to make their VIP players happy with their experience on the casino. They do everything they can to give them an unforgettable gambling experience. They are given loyalty points, cashback bonus, and even free wagers to give them that special something that continues to keep them a loyal customer of the casino.

Real Moey Bonuses

Online casinos offer plenty of real money bonuses to attract and engage new customers. These bonuses are also a great way for them to get old customers to play more on their platform. But, online casinos usually offer this type of bonus when the customers sign up, make their first deposit, or when they don’t make a deposit even after signing up for a long time. In some rare cases, casinos offer real money bonuses even when the players do absolutely nothing. The idea behind these bonuses is to get the players interested in playing on the casino, or play a particular game that they have never played before.

Real money bonuses allow players to make real money wagers on the casino. These bonuses can be in terms of cash or a fixed number of free bets. Either way, they allow players to place some real bets on the casino. If the player happens to win the game, then they can actually withdraw their winnings into their bank account or cards. So, real money bonuses allow players to place wagers and play on the casino, without paying a single penny. That’s better than free. That’s a free chance to win millions.

FREE Casino Bonuses 

No Deposit Bonus

The so-called “no deposit casino bonus” is a treasure, if you are able to find one. The name of the bonus gives it away. These may be offered as a welcome bonus or a separate bonus on the website. Once you log in to your casino account, you will not have to put up any money for playing games. The casino will offer you credits and you can start playing slots and other games with it.

It really depends on the casino whether they want to tie down the players with any kind of conditions. Some casinos require players to be active on the platform for a stipulated amount of time, others need them to play a certain number of times, while still others may not have any conditions in place. However, players usually have to deposit some minimal amount in the order of £10 to release the winnings of the player from the casino account.

Deposit Bonuses

While the zero deposit bonuses do not require you to make any deposit at all, deposit bonuses are offered depending on the amount of money deposited by the player in the first place. These bonuses may be furnished to you in the form of some flat amount or a percentage of the deposit amount.

Percentage Bonuses offer the players money in the form of a percentage of the initial deposit money. So, if you have deposited a £100, then a bonus of 200% means that the casino will deposit an additional £200 in your account. So, now you will end up having £300 in your account, while you have only deposited a £100. Isn’t that amazing?

Some casinos can offer you flat out bonus amounts. On the other hand, some casinos introduce additional conditions of wager to avail the bonus. For instance, you may have to win, say, 5 times the deposit or the bonus to actually cash it out from your account. It is absolutely essential that you understand all the rules of the bonus before diving head first.

Loyalty Rewards

If you have been playing on a certain online casino platform for a long time, there is a good chance that you are eligible for a loyalty reward. Most casinos have a loyalty program in place to retain their repeat players. You can get a deposit in your account or a free pass to a couple of games, and so on.

Casino Bonuses is Raining in 2019

Isn’t it great that there are so many bonuses available from online casinos? Well, it is. But, such bonuses almost always come with multiple terms and conditions. Therefore, it is important for you to read the full list of all the conditions that apply to a particular bonus before choosing a casino.

You should be creative when choosing an online casino. It is not just the size of the bonuses that are important, but also how they are offered that matters. So, make your choice smartly.

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