Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto our website users’ devices when they visit our website. We use them to improve our users’ experience on our website by tailoring the website to their preferences. Cookies capture useful, but anonymous data from the users, so that the data can be used to provide them a superior website experience. Some cookies are essential for the regular functioning of a few features on our website, while some are required to give you a tailored experience. All in all, the cookies we use are tools for providing you an enjoyable experience on our website.

What Do You Need to Do About Them?

When you visit our website, you will be prompted to give your permission for downloading our cookies onto your device. Once downloaded, they will not affect your device’s performance in any way. Neither will they collect any unnecessary information. So, you can completely forget about them altogether. However, if you do wish to get rid of any of the cookies from your device, you can delete them individually or in bulk from your browser. Cookie deletion is available on most of the popular browsers in the market.

How We Use Cookies

There are many different types of cookies based on the way we use them. Here is how they are classified based on their usage.

  • Depending on whether the cookies are essential for the operation of the website or its features, cookies are classified as necessary and optional cookies. Necessary cookies are vital for the normal functioning of one or more features on the website. Optional cookies are not essential, but are used to provide a tailored experience for the users.
  • Some cookies are downloaded and used for only the session for which the visitor is using our website. They are single session cookies. They save the preferences and behavior of our users on our website for only that particular session. Once the session is complete, they are automatically destroyed. Then there the multi-session cookies. They are stored on your devices for the long term, pretty much permanently. They save your preferences for the longer term over many sessions on our website.
  • We also make use of cookies that store on your device only for a limited time, anywhere between less than 1 minute and over 45 days. They are programmed to autodestruct once they reach their programmed time limit.

We use multiple third-party tools to understand our visitors’ behavior and enhance their experience on our website. These tools often use their own cookies. The data collected by these cookies are exclusively used to offer a superior experience to our visitors. So, such data is anonymous and is not used to identify our visitors.

You can find our general Terms & Conditions here.