Welcome Bonus

Playing casino online and competing against other players is a thrilling experience, and it gets even more interesting when bonuses enter the equation. And the very first bonus that any new player receives at a casino is the Welcome Bonus. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans play on casinos on a daily basis, where they get exciting opportunities to boost their accounts by using the welcome bonuses.

Today, welcome bonuses are not an option for casinos. They have become a norm in the online gambling world. They are an essential element of the casino experience. It is a welcome gift that the players have come to expect in their casino account when they enter a new casino.




What is a Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is the bonus that players receive when they enter a new casino. It can be a deposit bonus, a cashback, a free spin reward or something else. Players can use the same credit or the spins to play at the online casino without investing their money. It is a great way to give the players a chance to test waters before they take the plunge and deposit significant amounts of money in their casino account.

Online casino portals use a pre-determined metric to assign respective players with the welcome bonuses they owe.

How to Claim Welcome Bonuses?

The process to claim the welcome bonus depends on how the individual casino has structured it. A welcome bonus is a promotional tool. It solely depends on the casino how they want to use it and how generous they want to be with it. There are many ways in which players can claim a welcome bonus.

  • Usually, Welcome Bonuses have specific bonus codes for new users. This code is shared by the casino as soon as the player completes the registration process. Players should remember that the code may come with an expiry date and that they should redeem it before that.
  • In other cases, a welcome bonus can be claimed only after the player makes a deposit. Depending on the casino, the welcome bonus may be credited in one go or drip fed through multiple deposits. The player has to make the fixed minimum deposit, and the bonus amount will be credited to their casino account.
  • Welcome bonuses may also be claimed by playing the first game at the casino. So, the welcome bonus is then credited in the form of multiple spins of the popular games at the casino.

Welcome bonuses and the terms to claim them change from one casino to the next. So, read the terms and conditions and get familiar with the Welcome bonus offering before you make a move. This will help you get the best welcome bonus deal every time.

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Types of Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses are offered under various kinds of promotional activities. Some of the casinos offer cashable welcome bonuses though they may have particular wagering requirements a player has to follow. On the other hand, casinos players may get cash back or free spins or both as part of the welcome bonus offer. These welcome bonuses are offered in some other ways too. Here are the most common forms in which welcome bonuses come.

Welcome Bonus Type #1: Cash

These are not common, but some casinos do offer cash bonuses. These work just like the cash you deposit in your casino account. Once you start playing and your account contains enough balance to withdraw, you can withdraw money from your account. These welcome bonuses usually come in smaller denominations, but bring instant gratification.

Welcome Bonus Type #2: Cashback

Some of the casinos offer cash back as a welcome bonus offer too. These cashable welcome bonuses may come with peculiar wagering requirements that a player has to follow. In case of cashbacks, a player gets the money they deposit in the casino to start playing back in the form of cashback, either in part or full.

Welcome Bonus Type #3: Non-Cashable 

This type of welcome bonuses is also called as the non-cashable. These are the most common variety where players do not get real money. In this type, the online casino players get either points or cash in their casino account to play specific games. The number of spins and the amount of account deposit that a player receives entirely depends on the casino.

Welcome Bonus Type #3: Free Spin 

This is the second most common way of welcoming the new casino players. The new users are offered a certain number of chances to play games for free and without any credit purchase. Mostly, these offers come with limited time validity. Hence, the user can only claim free play welcome bonus if they play within that time frame. The free spins are usually on one of the most popular games at the casino to interest the new player in the other games that the casino has to offer.

How a Welcome Bonus Works

Overall, a player can start playing at the casino the same way as they would after depositing their own money. To start betting, the player can either use the free spins or start using the bonus deposit they have in their casino account.

Welcome bonuses work really well for players who like to play big. The bigger deposit they make, the higher bonus amounts they get. The more spins they make, the chances of winning get higher. So, it is a numbers game at the end of the day.

Why are Welcome Bonuses Popular?

Casinos use multiple ways to retain their new players and keep them happy. Designing a welcome bonus package is a core part of this initiative. Most of the casinos offer their players Welcome Bonuses as deposit bonuses. These have a tiered structure. So, the bonus is released in steps keeping the player engaged with the casino for longer. There are many other ways in which the Welcome Bonuses help casinos retain their players.

Welcome Bonuses Attract New Players

These bonuses are considered as one of the most lucrative strategies used by the casinos for promotions and. Millions of players are attracted to these casinos once they come to know about good welcome bonuses. These can be in cashable or non-cashable form. Either way, an excellent welcome bonus always creates a lot of good buzz around the casino. This is especially critical for newly launched casinos who do not have an extensive network of players. Welcome bonuses are a great way to get the first players interested in a new casino.

Welcome Bonuses Are an Industry Norm

There is hardly any online casino that doesn’t offer these welcome bonuses. There is an unsaid rule in the iGaming industry that casinos have to offer a welcome bonus. When every casino is offering a lucrative welcome bonus, it does not make any logical reason for a new player to show interest in a casino that does not offer a welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus Hold Promise of More Bonuses

A good welcome bonus means that the casino is going to offer many other good bonuses. This, directly, helps the host site to retain loyal gamers, and cash profits through them. A regular offer not only keeps the games intrigued, but also increases the fan base. It’s a win-win situation for both the developers and the players.

Final Thoughts

Welcome bonuses give you a chance to experiment. It encourages you to try new casinos and find new games, which you would generally not play with your own money. Welcome bonuses help elevate the experience of gaming and engagement with the casinos.

The key is to keep trying and use hit and trial to find the best deals in the market. Usually, the newer casinos have more lucrative deals on welcome bonuses because they want to attract new players. So, if you are looking for hefty welcome bonuses, head to the newer casinos. On the other hand, if you want a better gambling experience, established casinos are a good place to earn a decent welcome bonus and start playing.

In a nutshell, welcome bonuses help players play more by taking away the risk of gambling with real money.