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New Casino Sites 2019 | Compare new casinos for UK players & others alike

CasinoRunner’s passionate team of gambling experts is always on the lookout for the most awesome new online casinos across the globe. In this section, we bring the best promotional offers, massive bonuses and free spins we receive about the newest casinos on the block.

Welcome to CasinoRunner & our guide to the best new online casinos

New casino sites in 2019 are launched left, right, and center on the internet. By the time you finish reading this page, a new casino will probably already be launched.

So, it’s simply impossible to keep track of all the new casinos that are cropping up rapidly on the internet. Let alone actually checking them all and analyzing the benefits and features that they offer. That is why, CasinoRunner have handpicked a great team of hard-core gambling enthusiasts, who have been gambling for decades.

Our team does all the work of finding new online casinos, signing up on their websites, and actually playing various games there to get the complete feel of each online casino. In most cases, we even get in touch with them to get amazing exclusive deals for our visitors – just for you.

new casino sites

Welcome to CasinoRunner & our guide to the best new online casinos

New casino sites in 2019 are launched left, right, and center on the internet. By the time you finish reading this page, a new casino will probably already be launched. So, it’s simply impossible to keep track of all the new casinos that are cropping up rapidly on the internet.

GoPro Casino

We love GoPro Casino!

GoPro Casino is a newly launched online casino that has created a lot of interest among players, old and new alike. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the casino provides good quality entertainment to all its users. There are a lot of popular games on the casino that chiefly work as crowd-pullers.

Although the players come for the games, they stay for the overall casino experience they get from the platform. Slowly but steadily, GoPro Casino is growing in popularity.


Above you will find our handpicked “casino of the month” guaranteed to offer the best casino experience with plenty of great games and promotions for new and existing players. Below you will find an extended list of other new online casinos in 2019. 



Why You Should Choose a New Casino?

That’s a great question, right? Why try a new casino when you are already playing at a reputed and popular casino?

Actually, there are many reasons why you should totally try new casinos. In fact, the best winning strategy always includes a good mix of new and old casinos. The best players always have some standard established players in their gaming mix, and keep experimenting with new ones to see if they can find a new favorite. Again, what’s the point, you ask? The answer is innovation.

Unlike the popular perception, people who launch new casinos are not some noobs getting into the market for the first time. In most cases, they have been in this industry for multiple decades. Some of them come from physical casinos; some of them have previously worked as employees in other online casinos. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

As someone who knows this business inside out, they know what is working, what is not, and can introduce something totally new to the industry. They often end up launching new games, offer phenomenal features that no other casino has, or something totally fresh. Established online casinos are averse to experimentation and innovation. They like their stability and their philosophy goes, “why change something that is working perfectly fine?” Quite frankly, there is merit in their thinking, but the players don’t get anything new and exciting from them. That’s the job for the new casinos.

CasinoRunner has a special place in its heart for the truly innovative casinos that can dazzle us with their awesomeness. After all, our team has seen it all in this industry. Very few things actually surprise them. If any new casino manages to blow the minds of our seasoned team, then it instantly gets a spot on our list of New Casinos to check out this season.

Enjoy the Biggest Bonuses From New Casinos

New casinos don’t just bring you awesome new games and features. They also bring you ridiculous bonuses that you simply cannot get from any of the established casinos. New casinos are trying to get as popular as possible in a very short period of time. And, they are ready to pay lots of money to get popular fast. Some of the promotional offers new online casinos offer include:

A lot of new casinos hand out free money to new customers to get them to start playing. So, new customers can use this to play on a variety of new casinos. They are bound to end up making quite a lot of winnings on at least some of the casinos. But, know this. You might have to make a small cash deposit to actually withdraw your winnings.

CasinoRunner brings you new casinos that have the best offers and bonuses. In fact, we even play games, understand the winning odds of the games, and get a feel of their customer support system. Only when we are fully satisfied with our experience, we update the respective casinos onto our lists here. This list here is specifically reserved for new casinos with the biggest bonuses. Just pick a casino from the list below, sign up and walk away with unbelievable bonuses. It’s that simple.

New Mobile Casinos

More than 50% of the internet usage comes from the mobile devices these days. That’s why new casino operators are taking the mobile-first approach. They build their casino to work perfectly across a multitude of platforms, including Android devices, iOS devices, desktops, and laptops. This makes the new casinos the hot favorites for the newest generation of gamblers, who spend more of their time on their smart devices than on the computers.

We go the extra mile to test a new casino on all the platforms it supports and share our experience with you. So, you’ll know which new casino works best on which platform.

Android Casinos

The problem with established casinos is that they are slow to adapt to change. They have been desktop-first since their inception and they see no reason as to why they should change that. Even when they do launch a mobile app, it almost always has only the basic features and offers a sub-par experience for the players. On the contrary, new casino operators do not even launch their casino until they have a version for the most popular platforms. Naturally, they all have an android version that is as feature-rich as the desktop version. Therefore, their mobile apps provide a far superior casino gambling experience than their established counterparts.

new casino mobile

iOS Casinos

New online casinos also make it a point to have a version for iPhones and iPads. In fact, they optimize their casino for the iOS, as it is one of the biggest mobile platforms in the world. Also, a strong presence on the iOS platform improves the trustworthiness of an online casino. So, a majority of the new breed of online casinos, who are serious about staying in this business for a long time, make it a point to release an iOS version at the time of their launch itself.

New Casino Bonuses in 2019

Casinos are always offering a variety of bonuses for their new and existing customers to get them to play more on their website. Most of the times, these bonuses sound great when you hear about them. But, when you sign up, you realize that there are tons of other conditions to actually get the bonuses. Or, the bonuses prove to be not as big as they were advertised. If you don’t want to fall prey to such false promotions, then check out our list of verified casinos with real bonuses. We do the dirty work of verifying the promotions of various new casinos and once we are satisfied with them, we list those new casinos and their bonuses here.

And one more thing. Established casinos do not usually have a blockbuster bonus that will truly blow your mind. That’s the domain of the new casinos. Here are some of the mind-blowing bonuses typically offered by new casinos.

Free Spins

Free spins are another amazing type of bonuses offered by casinos for players. In fact, free spins are preferred by many serious gambling players, as against cash bonuses. Free spins on specific games allow players to easily calculate the odds of their wins and decide whether they would like to sign up or not.

Secondly, new casinos offer plenty of free spins on not just one or two games, but a huge variety of games. Players can select the games that they have the best chance of winning and then use their free spins to try their luck. No deposits. Just use free spins to reap your winnings.

No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos that hand out no deposit bonuses are the casino world equivalent of gold rush. You have to take maximum benefit of them when you can, because their promotions are short-lived.

So what is a No Deposit Bonus? Most casinos typically offer a lot of bonuses. But, you can cash out or use those bonuses to play games at the casino only when you make an actual deposit on their website. But, new casinos often hand out bonuses that do not require you to make any deposits. So, you can place your bets using the bonus money, which is real money by the way, and play the games you like on the casino without actually shelling out any money of your own. If you win any of the games, you take home the money. This simply can’t get any better than this!

300% Bonuses at New Casinos

New casinos are always very generous about handing out bonuses to get signups from new customers. One of the best type of bonuses they offer are the high roller bonuses. These bonuses can be 100% bonuses, 200% bonuses, 300% bonuses, or even higher.

For instance, in the case of 100% bonus, the casino matches the deposit made by the player. In the case of 200% bonus, the casino adds to the player’s account €2 for every €1 deposit they make. Likewise, when they are offering 300% bonus, the casino tops the player’s deposit by 3 times.

However, there’s a catch here. The casinos usually offer these bonus up to a certain cash limit. Say, the bonus offer may be something like 200% bonus up to a maximum of €100 cash, 400% bonus up to a maximum of €80 cash, and so on.

For someone who is still new to the casino world, the highest bonus percentage offers the most value. But, for seasoned high roller players, it makes more sense to go for a higher cash cap bonus, even if the bonus percentage is lower.

Customer Service at New Casino Sites

This is one area where new casinos win hands down against the established players in this industry. Given time, even the best casinos begin to get complacent and lose their focus on providing a great experience for their customers. Indeed, this is one of the top reasons why even the seasoned casino players prefer new casinos over the older ones. Once they get popular, the casinos almost always focus more of their attention on making more money rather than actually providing a better gambling experience. But, new casinos are highly focused on their customers’ needs.

When the casinos are new, they cannot afford to lose even a single customer. That is why they usually have a robust customer support in place to attend to the grievances of their customers. At CasinoRunner, we keep track of the reputation of all new casinos’ customer support systems. In fact, we discuss this aspect of casinos abundantly when we are reviewing individual casinos. Also, when we realize that a casino’s customer support has gone to the trash, we promptly downgrade it to the bottom of our list, if not take it off our list completely.

Your gambling experience is what matters to us the most.

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