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Online Betting | Top Sports Betting Sites 2019

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling practices across the world from time immemorial. Every civilization, no matter what races, fighting games, and other events they organized, if they involved one player or a team competing against another, then they definitely had a side system where interested people wagered their money. 


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Now, with the advent of the internet, sports betting promptly went online. In fact, sports betting was one of the first forms of wagering to make it onto the internet.

Today you don’t need to visit a bookie or a physical facility to place your bets on the outcome of the sporting events you follow. The ease of the internet has created a thriving ecosystem of online sports betting, wherein the odds often total millions in size. With bettors from every corner of the world pouring in to place their bets on all kinds of sporting events, including live televised events, there are now myriad online betting options for smart gamblers. These gamblers are lapping up the opportunities. They are making some cash by putting their sports knowledge to work.

Whether you are betting on football games, rugby, cricket, tennis, volleyball, or any of the hundreds of popular sports games on a local, national, or international level, you’ll never run out of options with the wealth of online betting websites and betting types available at your disposal.

CasinoRunner brings a full suite of popular, reputed, and fair play online betting sites for your sheer entertainment and money-making opportunity. We analyze the various online betting sites, engage with them, play on them, and even get in touch with their customer support to experience the whole package. Then we rate them, review them, and rank them on our website. At CasinoRunner, you’ll find the full list of the most rewarding and exciting online betting sites handpicked just for you.

Now, with the advent of the internet, sports betting promptly went online. In fact, sports betting was one of the first forms of wagering to make it onto the internet.

Evobet Casino


EvoBet covers events from more than two dozen popular sports from across the world. All the popular games like football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, baseball, and many others are available for betting on EvoBet. In addition, some of the more niche games like MMA, Bandy, Aussie Rules, Ice Hockey, Dota 2 and so on are also available on the platform.

EvoBet is a true European betting site and as such, is heavily focused on the football matches, especially the English Premier League matches. However, it also covers plenty of events belonging to other sports as well.


Above you will find our handpicked ‘Sports Betting Site’ that we recommend all our visitors to check out. The sites here are usually very new, giving players a great opportunity to grab attractive welcome bonuses as they sign up for an account.

Top Online Betting Sites 2018

In the recent years, online gambling has really grown by gigantic proportions. A large number of online casinos offer everything from the regular casino goes to the more exciting sports betting games. Sure, there are a great many online betting sites that are completely dedicated to sports betting, and they hold their own too.

We love all kinds of online betting sites as long as they offer fantastic wagering odds, great freebies, and excellent customer care for the players. So, here you’ll find our selection of the best online betting sites as per a variety of criteria we consider for ranking them. Just click on the one you like, register, and bet away.

Casinos Offering the Highest Freebies

Once you get around the online betting sites, you’ll find that the most important thing that matters to you is money. So, when they are handing out free money or free opportunity to win money, well, can anything else really beat that?

There are many reasons why online betting sites give freebies to their customers. For starters, they want to attract new bettors onto their platform. Freebies also help them keep their existing players happy with their website and win over their loyalty.

Lastly, betting sites give away freebies specific to limited sporting events, to prod their players to bet on them. If the players enjoy betting on those games and use their money to keep betting on them, then that’s good for the online betting sites. The betting sites primarily offer 3 kinds of freebies. Check them out below.

New exclusive casino bonuses 


Deposit bonuses are pretty much the primary weapon in the arsenal of betting sites. Huge, impressive welcome deposit bonuses have become a standard in the online betting industry. Most of the online betting sites give out new customers huge first deposit bonuses. Some of the more rewarding betting sites even offer multiple deposit bonuses on first, second, and third deposits. Typically, these bonuses match the deposit made by the new players 100% up to a certain limit. In other words, if a new player makes a first deposit of a certain amount of pounds, then they will get an equal amount of pounds in bonuses, up to a certain limit, as defined in the bonus terms.

That’s just the trailer to what betting sites have in store for their players. New players and existing players alike get tons of other bonuses from the betting sites that’ll keep them coming for more.

Free Bets

Imagine a betting game where you can wager without ever risking your own money. But, if you win, you get to take all the money home. That’s the ultimate fantasy of every bettor worldwide.

Plenty of online betting sites offer free bets to their players, especially for new signups. The players can use their free bets to wager at the games and give their luck a shot. Although the tries they get are free, any money they make on the winnings is all theirs for the taking. Likewise, existing players get loyalty bonuses from time to time which they can use for betting on their favorite games. However, one thing that players need to keep in mind is that most of the times, the free bets are allowed for a limited number of games. They cannot be used to wager at other games.

What Things Make an Online Betting Site Great?

As you already know, bonus is high on the list of our priorities. But, that’s not the only criteria to sign up with an online betting site. You must consider other factors too. Here are some things you must know about online betting sites before you shortlist them and play on them.

Live Betting and Streaming

There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than watching a live game and wagering your money on the outcomes in real time. It could be horseracing, football, curling, or some other game. Live is where the real thrill is at. To meet this demand, a number of betting sites offer live streaming and live betting entertainment. When it comes to the experience of things, we love betting sites that offer live streaming and live betting facilities.


There are primarily 3 types of betting odds offered by sports bookies across the world – fractional, decimal, and American odds. Research them thoroughly and know which odds are being offered by an online betting site. These odds come with a variety of risk-to-rewards ratio. So, know beforehand what you are getting into.

Then there is the matter of competitiveness of the odds. Not all sports bookies offer the same odds for any given gaming event. They tend to change from game to game and even one online betting site to another. Therefore, it is important to analyse the betting sites for the odds they offer for different games. In general, betting sites have competitive odds for one game, while keeping bad odds for others. So, if you find that an online sports bookie is offering competitive odds for a particular game, then stick with it, because you cannot compare the odds with other websites all the time.

Why Online Betting is Much Better than Betting in the Shops?

Well, there’s some legit nostalgia at play when you walk into a bookie’s shop and place your bet. After all, we have all seen countless movies from the 80s and 90s, where cool characters as well as anti-heroes go to a bookie to place their bets. But, the advancements in digital technology have brought immense benefits and convenience for bettors all over the world. They can now place their bets from anywhere in the world.

Perhaps, the most amazing advantage of online betting is the live betting feature. Unless you are watching a game live from a bookie’s shop and placing bets there directly, you do not get to witness a lot of excitement. On the other hand, on betting sites, you can actually watch or listen to a game as you compare the odds using various cutting-edge tools, and then place your bets based on insights developed from those tools. Not only are you in for an exciting betting experience, but also stand to win many more times.

Not only that, online betting sites allow the bettors to wager against other punters. They do not bet against the customers by themselves. So, bettors are not placing the bets against the most seasoned player in the game – the house – but instead, against other players just like them. So, their odds of winning odds are automatically raised.

At CasinoRunner, we love online betting and spend a huge amount of time wagering on all kinds of games all over the internet. Online betting is our passion. And now, we are channelling that passion to bring our experience and expertise to help you find the best online betting sites on the internet.

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