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The online casino industry is one of the most happening spaces in the entertainment world. There are new casinos debuting on the internet every day, and the existing casinos always have new promotions, winners, tournaments, prize opportunities, and other exciting updates about themselves to share. Whenever something useful, exciting, and important happens anywhere in the online casino industry, you can trust us to bring that news to you promptly. Here are some of the latest developments from the iGaming industry from around the world.

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recap from week 35

Recap from Week 35

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The last month of August brought a flurry of mixed news for online casino players and businesses in the UK. The threat of …

recap wwoo wwek 32

Recap from Week 32

Written by:

The past week witnessed major developments in the online casino world here in the UK. The worst news to come out of the in…

recap week 31

Recap from Week 31

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This past week was exciting in so many ways. As we ended July and entered August, we were expecting a slew of new casino l…

recap from 30

Recap from Week 30

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That was another exciting week in the world of online gambling in the UK. We saw some major brand launches, a prominent br…

recap w}ek 29

Recap from Week 29

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We just wrapped up an eventful week in the world of iGaming. There were plenty of new launches, exciting promotional offer…

review of the UK gambling licenses news

Tom Watson Calls for a Thorough Review of Online Casino Licenses

Written by:

The Labour Party has called for a complete review of the UK gambling licenses issued to casinos from 2014. The party has a…

play ojo news

PlayOJO’s Multi-million Pound Casino Ad Campaign

Written by:

Fair play online casino, PlayOJO, has kicked off a massive advertisement campaign to consolidate its position as the UK’s …

Online Gambling Revenues Plummet

Online Gambling Revenues Plummet

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Online casinos and sportsbooks saw a decline of 16.2 percent in their total gross revenue month over month in April. That’…

Gambling Industry is Expected to Grow

Gambling Industry is Expected to Grow

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Online gambling is a game of risks, rewards, and losses for the players. For the industry, on the other hand, up is the on…

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