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Welcome to one of the best sources available for online slots casinos – CasinoRunner aims to create one of the largest collection of online slots. Here you’ll find here everything you need to know about online slot machines, including winning tips, and the casinos with the best slots. Let’s dive right in!

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About Slots

Online slots machines are digital versions of the traditional slot machines that are pervasive across the physical casinos. They are bulky, noisy machines that usually have 3 reels with different symbols or characters on them. There is only one pay line and there is a pretty standard paytable for different winning combinations.

Online slots machines are improved versions of these traditional machines. They are more fun, offer more winning options, give players free slots spins, and in general, provide a far superior and satisfying experience to the players.

New Slots

Online casinos keep launching their own refreshing versions of the traditional slots machines. They transform what is essentially a simple game into a sensational extravaganza for the online players. There is more to be won, more chances of winning, and a whole array of pay lines to be achieved. Some online slots machines even allow players to affect the outcome of the results of the slot machines halfway through the game. That’s beyond anything that classic slots machines can offer.

CasinoRunner brings you the new and latest slots launched by casino giants in the online world. You can play these slots from any of your devices – smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. So, you can spin these slots on the go from anywhere in the world. We update our list of new slots on a regular basis so that you can always find fresh and exciting slots machines to play.

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Why Are Online Slots Much Better Than Classic Slots?

There is a multitude of options for slots fanatics in the online casino world. The most common are the video slots. Video slots are improved versions of classic slots. While the classic slots have 3 reels, video slots usually have 5, 7, 9, and even more reels. They also have a much larger range of pay lines, which can be anywhere between 10 and 241, depending on the casino. They also come with cool new features like scatter symbols, free spins, wild symbols, and so on that provide a superior gambling experience for players.

Then there are the progressive slots, which are the most popular slots machines in the casino world. Every bet you place will have 2 components. Firstly, it offers you a chance to win that particular bet. Secondly, a portion of the bet is diverted towards an accumulating jackpot, which grows in size as more and more players play the game. The jackpot keeps burgeoning in size until someone wins it. In other words, there are assured, growing winnings waiting in progressive slots. And, your chances of winning and the size of the winnings grow with each game you and the other players play.

Finally, there are the 3D slots. These are the most cutting-edge slots machines in the online casino industry. They use 3D animation to provide the most immersive gambling experience that is simply unmatched in the online casino industry.

All of this clearly indicates to one simple fact – online slots machines are far superior to their traditional siblings.

How to Win Slots Machines?

Here’s an open secret that you must know about the casinos – there is no guarantee that you will win a game. If anyone claims otherwise, then stay away from them. They are the bad guys you have heard about on the internet. Nobody can guarantee wins. However, there are genuine tips that can improve your chances of winning. These tips are based on solid mathematics, which are beyond question.

Want these tips? Check out each of our Casinos, slots, and other game reviews. We share an abundance of tips and techniques that will help you improve the probability of you winning a jackpot on the slots machines.

Featured Slots

CasinoRunner’s Featured Slots on the top of this page, lists the most popular casino slots in the online world. All the slots on here are developed by highly reputed and respectable casino software developers. So, you can be assured of the chances of winning.

The best part? We bring you free spins on our featured slots.

That’s right. You can put your luck to the test at the world’s most popular online slots machines without risking any money of your own. Many of the slots on our site come with free spins bonuses. Typically, new players get 10, 15 or more free spins which they can use to try their luck at the slots machines. They can spin the slots machine for free and take home their winnings, without ever risking their own money.

Why CasinoRunner?

How about this – we actually treat you like a VIP! Isn’t that enough of a reason? Because we have plenty more reasons for you.

When we say we treat you like a VIP, we mean it! We understand that each of our readers has unique needs. Some of you are beginner gamblers; some of you are seasoned players; there are also pros among you. That’s why we always have something to offer for everyone. If you are a beginner player and want to test the waters before making the jump, then we bring you the simplest slots machines where you can get a feel of the game. If you are a pro gambler, we bring you in-depth reviews and extensive tips for various slots machines so that you can maximize your winnings. Like we said, something for everyone.

By the way, if you are in a mood to relax, have fun, enjoy, and not be bothered about winning, we have the most satisfying and fun slots machines for you too. If there is a good slots machine out there, then you’ll definitely find it here on CasinoRunner.