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Good casinos offer unparalleled entertainment to its players. There are several games to be played, real money to be won, a variety of bonuses to be had, and a lot more fun. But, how do you find good new casinos from the ocean of casinos that are online? That is where CasinoRunner comes in.

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Everything You Need to Know About Top Gambling Sites

For an average player, it is almost impossible to check every little detail about the casino. Most of the time, you will not even be able to research all the information yourself. Investing so much time before going for one game of slots can completely ruin your appetite to play. So, instead of ruining your mood, leave the hard work to the experts at CasinoRunner.

At CasinoRunner, we take into account many variables and provide you with a complete picture of the casino. We visit the gaming websites, find out about their owner and nature of operations, analyse their offerings and security features, gauge their customer service, and other variables.

Such in-depth research allows us to create comprehensive reports that include all the information that you would want to know about the casino.

CasinoRunner wants its users to find the best casinos for their tastes. We review every aspect of a casino and keep updating our reviews as and when new information pops up.

Apart from the casino reviews, you will also find lots of useful information about the iGaming industry. If it is related to the online gambling sites, CasinoRunner must have touched upon that topic.



Gambling sites provide a thoroughly entertaining experience to its players. They want the UK players to enjoy their visit to the casino and come back regularly. And why wouldn’t they? The UK has become a massive market for online gambling.

The Tradition Goes On

The UK loves gambling. In fact, a recent survey of the UK market found that 48% of all the respondents engaged in some form of gambling in the past month. Online gambling just makes it easier for players to find a casino and start playing quickly. They can do so from the comfort of their home. They can play their favourite game on the casino even when they are bearing through a dull and long commute.

The Entertainment is Thrilling

A large number of people who engage in online gambling belong to the age group of 18-24. This is the thrill-seeking age, and online gambling offers them that. Online casinos usually do not require players to shell out a hefty amount as a deposit. This makes it easy for the younger players to get in and try their hand. The adrenaline rush they feel every time they make a spin or play a table game is exciting.

The Market Slice is Expanding

As per the statistics released by the country’s top regulator, the UK Gambling Commission, the online gambling industry in the UK generated revenues as high as £5.3 billion between and April, 2017 and March, 2018. This accounts for 37.1% of the entire gambling industry in the country. Also, it is a significant 12.8% increase from the previous financial year.

Online gambling is becoming more popular by the day, and online gambling site owners are swooping in to take advantage of this growing pie.

Why Gamblers in the UK Choose to Gamble Online?

The UK loves gambling. In the past decade, the country has accepted online gambling with both arms. With the dawn of the internet era and the recent advances in technology, it is possible for gambling sites to reach more people and to offer them better propositions. But, the growth of online gambling in the UK has been particularly impressive. The gambling sites serving the geography are only getting bigger, bolder, and better.

Transparent Regulatory Environment

The reason for the popularity of gambling sites in the UK also lies in the fact that the country offers many legitimate options for gambling. The Government has passed the Gambling Act under which all the gambling activities fall under the purview of a single regulator called the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). All kinds of gambling games have to be licensed by the UKGC for the gambling site to provide its services in the United Kingdom. The only exception to this being spread betting. This category of betting comes under the authority of the Financial Conduct Authority.

UKGC is known to be one of the strictest regulators in the world. It requires casinos to take all the measures to ensure that the player has a safe gambling experience. This may be related to the security protocols they follow, their commitment to responsible gambling, and so on. So, the players in the UK can immediately recognise a legal gambling site by searching for a license it has acquired from the UKGC. If they find themselves in a problem with the casino, they can also file a complaint with the regulator.

Options are Many

Gambling sites have also become a rage in the UK because there are lots of them. So, at any given point in time, an online gamer has access to hundreds of themes, interesting gameplay, and diverse storylines to keep them entertained. Players always have a lot of options to pick from. It is this competition that keeps the online casinos at their toes. They are always trying to become more aligned with the interests of the players and provide more immersive and enjoyable gameplay.

Experience is Optimised

Online gamblers in the UK are already familiar with casinos. So, a transition to online casinos was rather smooth. But, once they found online casinos, they also discovered how optimised they were to cater to the needs of the individual players. The online gambling sites offer players to find the games they like, cash in bonuses they prefer, get personal account managers, dedicated customer support, and more. All these factors helped online casinos to win over the gamblers, who had only experienced the crowded land-based casinos. Of course, the added convenience of online casinos also played a huge role in making them popular.

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What to Look for in Online Gambling Sites?

Online gambling sites are everywhere. You are continually coming across advertisements, posts, and other promotional material to join one site or the other. So, if you decide to follow one of the links, here is what you should look for in an online gambling site.

Find Licenses

It is essential for a casino to acquire a license from the UK Gambling Commission to legally offer games for gambling in the UK. It is also possible that a casino has been successful in getting licenses from other gambling regulators, which only adds to its legitimacy.

Licensing authorities ensure that the casinos they are granting licenses to follow specific guidelines. You can go to the website of the licensing authority to get more information on how they can make a casino safer for you.

Dig About Security

This is a tricky one. It is difficult to ascertain the safety and privacy provided by a casino. Some casinos also get their website security tested by third-party vendors, which is a huge plus. Some casinos use the latest encryption technology to safeguard the data exchanged between the casino servers and you, while others don’t. There are many other steps different casinos take to secure their gambling site. You will have to search the website, find the necessary security certificates, reliable payment options, or believe what the casino has written on its website about the security of its platform.

Games and their Quality

Games are what make a casino. While every casino stocks different games, you have to ensure that it stocks games that you like and that these games offer you a fun time. But, more importantly, the games at the casino should be unbiased and offer you fair odds at winning.

Bonuses & their Terms

Bonuses are what make a casino, and every casino offers a variety of them. They can be cashbacks, discounts, deposit bonuses, and more. While every player has their own preference as to the type of bonus they like, it is important that you get acquainted with the terms and conditions governing them. It will save you from any shocks once you sign up to the casino.

Number of Payment Options

Payment options are important. When you go to a gambling site, do not forget to check out the payment options they have to offer. This will have a bearing on your casino experience. Also, the payment solution you will choose will determine the safety of your transactions.

Quality of Customer Support

The customer support at the casino is incredibly important to help you get answers whenever you are stuck in a problem at the casino. Unresponsive customer support is enough to kill your casino experience instantly.

It’s Hard to Pick a Gambling Site

UK players do not have any shortage of options when it comes to gambling sites. While it does create competition, it also makes it difficult for you to find just the casino you are looking for. There are so many ads on your social media feeds, television, billboards, and other sources. With such information being bombarded at you, it is difficult to stay objective and make the best choice.

Even if you do decide to pick out a casino and visit it, what information you look for to ensure that you make a sound choice? Every casino offers a welcome bonus, so how it compares to other similar casinos? How do you compare the games, determine their quality, and make sure that they offer fair gameplay? Are you sure that you will not find a better VIP programme at another casino?

But, it is not humanly possible for you to look through every gambling site and find the one that offers the most attractive perks.

It is possible that many players do not even know which metrics to look for in order to discern whether the casino they are at is a good one.

To an untrained eye, most casinos will look the same. That is why CasinoRunner is here to help you to get the expert view. Let us research, analyse, and find the best casino for your

CasinoRunner Does an Extensive Analysis

We visit online casinos, scrutinise every single aspect, and come back with a comprehensive review for you. We go casino hopping so that you can save your time, play great games instantly, and have an awesome experience.

At CasinoRunner, you do not just get the intel on the most happening casinos in the UK, but also the best deals that the iGaming industry has to offer. We also have a lot of information about online gambling and abundant resources that will help you make this your year at the casinos.