Deposit Match Bonus

The e-gaming and online casino industry have exploded in the past few years. There is a huge demand, and many casinos are lining up to create the supply. To tap into this massive customer base, casinos are making themselves as attractive as possible. And bonuses are the answer. They provide players with tangible benefits while playing in the casino and for casinos, they work like a loyalty program. There are various types of casino bonuses out there, but deposit match bonuses appear to be among the most popular ones.




What is a Deposit Match Bonus?

In the industry of online casinos, Deposit Match Bonus is the most common form of earning bonuses. The percentage of the deposit varies widely from one casino to another.  A 100% match up offered by a casino means you end up earning double the amount you actually deposited while playing. This undoubtedly adds to your experience of online gambling on the one hand, and at the same time helps you to boost your account balance.

Let us assume that a casino is offering a 100% Match Bonus up to €100 for the very first sign up and requires a minimum deposit of €10. This implies that you can have the following rewards:

  • Deposit of €10, earned Match Bonus of €10 free and you play with a €20 account balance
  • Deposit of €50, earned Match Bonus of €50 free and you play with a €100 account balance
  • Deposit of €100, earned Match Bonus of €100 free and you play with a €200 account balance
  • Deposit of €200, earned Match Bonus of €100 free and you play with a €300 account balance

Now assuming that you are making your second deposit and the casino is offering a 50% Match Bonus up to €100 and requires a minimum deposit of €10. This implies that you are eligible for the following rewards:

  • Deposit of €10, earned Match Bonus of €5 free and you play with a €15 account balance
  • Deposit of €50, earned Match Bonus of €25 free and you play with a €75 account balance
  • Deposit of €100, earned Match Bonus of €50 free and you play with a €150 account balance
  • Deposit €200, earned Match Bonus of €100 free and you play with a €300 account balance

Why Are Deposit Match Bonuses Popular?

Deposit match bonuses are such a rage among the online casino players. Here are the top reasons for their popularity.

The Value on Offer

They offer incredible value which allows each player to get a chance of acquiring more funds to play from the casino itself rather than their personal bank wallet.  All that is needed is a fresh sign up. Whenever you indulge in any of the online casinos, you can collect a decent deposit match bonus every time. Keep a close eye on the front pages of the online gaming websites to know about the sign-up bonus amounts. In order to attract new players for the sign-up, bonus amounts are boldly mentioned on the front pages.

A Loyalty Program

They ensure loyalty. By claiming a deposit match bonus, the player has to stick to the casino in order to use the funds. This acts as a huge incentive to attract the players and boost the interest of the players in playing online games only on their platform and nowhere else.

An Industry Norm

Most casinos offer Deposit Match Bonus. As online casinos have increased, it has become an industry norm. The qualifying requirements for bonuses may vary from one casino to the other. Sometimes you will find that some casinos offer a match bonus only on the certain amount of deposits and not during the sign-up. This bonus works well for casinos to bring in more clients who will engage with these online game providers.

Exclusive deposit match casino bonuses 


Types of Deposit Match Bonuses

There are various types of Deposit Match Bonuses online casinos offer to their players. There are two different types of deposit match bonuses that you will usually come across in a casino.

Single Deposit

In this case, a player deposits money once and earns his deposit bonus for a single time. This implies that you earn a 100% match bonus when you deposit €100 and in turn, you receive €100 from the casino. Now you have €200 in your casino account to start your play of interest. That is where the benefit of the bonus ends.

Stepped Deposit Bonus

Some other casinos have a more elaborate bonus structure. In this case, the casino offers bonuses to you on the second, third deposits. In very few cases, players may get the bonus benefits up to their fifth deposits. In such scenarios, these casinos do not offer any 100% match bonuses. Instead, the match bonus percentage keeps reducing from a maximum of 75% to 50% and then 25%. This implies that you earn a 50% match bonus from your second deposit. So, on a deposit of €100, you receive €50 from the casino as a match bonus. Such recurring or Stepped Deposit Bonuses are much popular among the online casino players.

How to claim Deposit Match Bonus?

Usually, Deposit Match Bonuses come with specific bonus codes. In such scenarios, you ought to keep in mind your bonus codes in order to claim the bonus amount. So next time when you have a bonus code at your hand – head to a mobile or online casino of your interest, enter the code, follow the prescribed minimum deposit and then claim your bonus reward.

When you are all set to claim your Deposit Match Bonus, it is of foremost importance to keep in mind some of the information and specific Terms and Conditions.

  • Firstly, do not forget to check the minimum deposit amount specified before initiating your play in any online casinos so that you qualify to earn the bonus amount at the end of your play.
  • Secondly, develop a thorough understanding of the online gambling and betting requirements prior to engaging in any of the casinos of your interest. Withdrawing your winning amount will be completely hassle-free when you know the number of times you are supposed to play to claim your prized match bonus.
  • Finally, in cases where earning Free Spins are part of your Deposit Match Bonus, don’t forget to update your knowledge regarding the maximum cash-out amount.

In cases where there are no particular bonus codes available, earning and claiming Deposit Match Bonuses gets easier. All you have to do is visit an online casino and check the deals you are being offered. If interested, deposit the minimum amount and earn your match bonus.

Is There A Catch?

Though it might sound like free money initially, gradually you will realize that match bonuses brings in some serious business for the casinos. Match Bonuses are designed to thank their regular players for their loyalty as well as welcome deals for new sign-ups. You are not offered any free sum at the beginning, rather you are being ensured by the online casino platforms that you will be offered pound for pound once you commit a sum of your own. This is simply a rewarding program that adds on to your casino account balance.

You might have noticed that online casino and gambling sites commit Deposit Match Bonus, not for every player. There is a minimum deposit amount, and the player needs to show their loyalty. As a result, a Match Bonus can only be claimed by players when they deposit the prescribed amount by the host site. And there is always a limit. The gaming sites restrict the limit of bonus by fixing the sum they are prepared to offer.

Final Thoughts

The seasoned and efficient online casino players often take advantage of Deposit Match Bonuses to play more for less. With less money to stake, they are able to play without worrying much about losing. After all, they came to the online casino for fun. But, play within the confines of safe and responsible gambling.

Players usually get best Deposit Match Bonuses with fresh sign-ups. So, the more casinos you play in, the more bonuses you are able to claim. Just keep in mind the specific wagering requirements and the terms of the casino you are playing in.