Sigma Affiliate Conference

VISIT SIGMA.COM.MTThe SiGMA Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest events in the iGaming industry. It is a stupendous success story that has been making its presence felt for the last 5 years on the calendars of the who’s who of this industry. The 6th edition of the conference is all set to begin on the 27th of November in Malta. The conference will see brands, suppliers, and affiliates coming together to create an event that will take the iGaming industry to the next level.

Scheduled next event: 27th November to 29th November, 2019


What Can You Expect?

There is a lot that will be happening at the SiGMA Affiliate Conference and their website itself pegs this event as a notch higher than what they have been putting out in the previous years. The event has a lot to offer to its participants. These include opportunities to network, exhibit, and sponsor. Participants can also attend workshops that can help them get ahead in the iGaming industry.

Partners to hook up with at Sigma

The scale of the conference and how long it has been running successfully has made the conference management really streamlined. They have trusted partners who help make the conference a success.

They have reputed stand designers who help exhibitors create custom stands. They can build a beautiful and unique stand for the exhibitors in 5 days. The list of such exhibitors includes Malta Expo, Expose Designs, Incendo, Winning Exhibitions, Initial Incentives, Rocksteady Digital Agency, Big Exhibits, and more.

For exhibitors looking to create cool merchandise for their brand can get it done from Fluid Branding.  Their printing partner is Pixel for exhibitors to easily get catchy print material to distribute to potential clients. The event also has an event planner partner, MyEventPlanner. They can arrange trained flyer promoters and groomed booth hostesses for their exhibits at the conference.

The event also has an accommodation partner, Iniala. Iniala is a chain of some of the finest hotels across Malta. Participants can easily find a memorable place to stay when they come down to Malta for the conference.

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Sponsors at Sigma

Sigma Affiliate Conference is a big deal in the world of iGaming. No wonder, it has an extensive list of high-profile sponsors too. These range from gaming platforms to developers to affluent figures in the industry. Names associated with this year’s conference include Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, 1XBet Professional Betting, Acuris Risk Intelligence, Playson, App Ninja, BDO Malta, HiPay, JSC LPB Bank, OMG Affiliates, Paysafe, and many more.

The conference also showcases exhibits from these brands. High-ranking executives from prestigious companies are a part of the event. The attendees usually are the CEOs, Chairmen, Managing Directors, and other high-ranking officials.

Media Partners

The SiGMA conference is a huge milestone in the iGaming community and everyone wants to cover it. So, it follows that the event has a long list of media partners who promote the event all across traditional media and on the internet. These include media agencies, affiliate platforms, and more.  Some of the popular names associated with the event include Business Week, eSportsMag, Focus Gaming News, Football Bet Expert, Ask Gamblers, Gaming Holland, Global Legal Group, Gioconews, and many more.

With such amazing media partners, the event always creates an online buzz that is difficult to miss. Even the most peripheral members of the gaming community know about the SiGMA Affiliate Conference.

Packages on Offer

Whether you want to exhibit at the conference, sponsor it or want to just attend it.

Exhibitors can choose among packages ranging from the Platinum package to the Branding package. The offerings with each package obviously differ. The Platinum package gets companies a place in the SiGMA Magazine, email campaign, largest visibility during the conference, extra passes, VIP parking, and more. As the packages go lower, their perks drastically change too.

Similarly, sponsors can choose from a whole selection of spaces in the conference to advertise their brand. This can start from something as simple as washbasin branding to something as elaborate as visibility at the main gate arch.

There are a variety of different workshops and networking opportunities that participants can attend. Each event has a different topic it will pursue and a lot of value that it will deliver.

SiGMA Affiliate Conference

The SiGMA Affiliate Conference brings the biggest names in the industry under one roof. There are the biggest of casino platforms, the most successful affiliate marketers, insanely innovative developers, and the list just goes on.  The SiGMA Affiliate Conference just creates an electric climate where businesses that matter meet and create amazing things that take the industry forward. There is a reason the conference has seen 400 sponsors and exhibitors, 2500 affiliates, over 200 speakers, and 12500 attendees. This is the conference to be at!