Alderney Gambling Control Commission

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Alderney, formally known as the British dependency of Alderney, is one of the islands in the English Channel that is under the rule of the UK, despite its geographic proximity to France. Even as a British dependency, Alderney is under its own rule and has authorized the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) to regulate online gambling businesses.


The AGCC is one of the strictest gaming commissions in the international arena, which means that its license carries a lot of weight among the online gambling websites as well as players. The Commission does not impose any kind of taxes on the players. As a result, it is said that the online casinos operating under its license attract more traffic than those operating under the licenses of the likes of Malta or Gibraltar Gambling Commissions.

Rules, Regulations, and Annual Scrutiny

AGCC, with a reputation as one of the strictest Gaming Commissions in the world, has set extensive rules and guidelines for online casinos to follow. Some of them are that the players must be above 18 years of age, and that each player must be registered and verified to ensure that they are not underage. The casinos operating under AGCC license must also follow responsible gaming principles, offer a fair gaming experience to the players, and be compliant with the tax and the financials.

To ensure that online casinos are following its laws meticulously, AGCC conducts an annual scrutiny of the casinos operating under its license.

In addition, if an online casino is flouting any of the AGCC’s laws, the player must first get in touch with the casino to resolve the issue. However, if no resolution is achieved, then the player can directly contact AGCC. In many cases, the player can receive their money from the respective casino via AGCC.

Other licenses used by online casinos

License Types

AGCC offers only two types of gambling licenses, depending on the nature of the operators.

  • Category 1: This license is a business-to-consumer gambling license for online casinos. It grants the businesses the right to set up and prepare gambling operations, register players, verify them, and allow them to play. The operators are allowed to conduct administrative operations like establish contracts between the players, and manage all the players’ funds to support their games.
  • Category 2: This license is a business-to-business gambling license. This license allows a gambling operator to run the full gambling operations.

License Registration Process

The first step for gambling operators to get a license from AGCC is to submit an application form on the AGCC’s website. Of course, as the Commission offers multiple licenses, the gambling operators must specify the license they are seeking and provide the requisite details for the license.

Depending on the license type, there may be additional requirements demanded by the Commission. For instance, Category 1 license requires that the casino has enough funds to credit a player and these funds have to be separate from their operating funds. This is to ensure that the casino has the means to pay the players even if it goes bankrupt.