Curaçao eGaming


When depositing real money on online casinos for playing casino games for cash, don’t just throw your money at the first gambling site that comes along. It is important that you stick with the online casinos that are licensed by legitimate gambling regulators like Curaçao eGaming.

curacao egaming

Curaçao eGaming has been operational since 1996. It is one of the oldest online gambling regulatory bodies in existence. The gambling licenses offered in Curaçao are quite unique. There, the Ministry of Justice issues masters licenses to a select few major companies. These companies then act as franchises and offer sublicenses to other casino operators. There are 4 major companies that hold master gambling licenses in Curaçao and Curaçao eGaming is one of them.

Rules Guiding Casinos in Curaçao

The Curaçao eGaming has put in place rules and regulations to help guide both online and offline Casinos. These rules must be strictly obeyed by the casino operators in order to obtain a gaming license and to keep their license running.

  • The rules include prompt payment of tax, protection of the interests of the guests, and also moral rules such as unbiased gaming.
  • The laws in Curaçao also state that all players must be 18 years and above, be it on online casinos or offline casinos.
  • Age of the players must be verified by Casino sites before access is granted for them to play.

Types of Casino Licenses

Curaçao eGaming offers only one type of license which is called the “Master License”. This license, issued by the Ministry of Justice, covers all the casino games, including lottery, skill-based games, sports betting, racing, and other online gaming. The holders of this master license are then allowed to sublet the license to gambling operators.

Curaçao eGaming is one such holder of the master license. Companies running any еGаming operations within Curaçao jurisdiction, including software companies offering online casino management platforms, must hold a master license for gaming.


Other licenses used by online casinos

How to Get a License

To get a license, the first thing that gambling operators must do is submit a licensing application with the Curaçao eGaming. The authorizing body will take it from there. The organization usually audits the casino to be licensed, does a background check, tests the game software for randomness, and reviews business practices, which may result in a few changes being made to the operation of the online in order to meet the licensing requirement.

Once all the requirements are met, the casino will be issued the license. Even after the license has been issued, regular checks are made to ensure that the casino follows all the rules necessary for maintaining its license. New rules are also added from time to time, although the casinos are usually given a grace period for complying with the new rule.

All еGаming operators who hold a valid license from Curaçao eGaming are required to display a seal on their website, which acts as proof of the validity of the license.

Responsible Gambling

Curaçao encourages responsible gambling, where casinos are required to help players that have a history of or is suffering from gambling addiction.