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The Danish Gaming Authority (DGA) was established as recently as 2010, but became fully operational in 2012. The DGA awards licenses for both offline and online casinos, although each class of casinos belongs to separate tax bracket. Offline casinos are required to pay 50 percent more in taxes than online casinos. This approach has been deemed a success to the point that other countries in the Scandinavian region are beginning to adopt the same strategy.


Applying for a Danish Gambling License

To apply for a Danish gambling license, you would be required to fill in some forms and furnish some documents as evidence. These include a valid means of identification, income/financial statement, and so on. After your documents have been verified and the information you provide authenticated, you are then issued with a license. Once a license has been issued to a casino, the casino must display the Danish Gaming Authority’s logo on its website.

It is also important to point out that the Danish gaming authority works in collaboration with the Ministry of Taxation in order to operate as a complete regulatory arm. The functions of both organizations are divided amongst themselves. For instance, the Gaming authority oversees the operation of the casinos while the Ministry issues new licenses and monitors existing licensed casinos.

Categories of Licenses Awarded to Casinos

There are basically two categories of online gaming licenses:

  • A betting license: For gaming organizations and sports betting. It covers both online and offline casinos.
  • And an online casino license: For online games and internet betting.

Offline casinos are valid for 10 years while online casinos are valid for 5 years. It is important to point out that regular checks would be carried out during the duration of the licenses to ensure that casinos are following all the stipulated rules.

There are no limits to the number of online licenses that can be issued annually. However, offline licenses are limited, as there is a limit on the number of offline casinos that can operate in Denmark at any given time.

Other licenses used by online casinos

Rules and Guidelines

The Danish Gaming Authority has adopted some interesting set of rules and guidelines that govern casino operations in the country. One such interesting requirement is that casino players are mandated to always sign-in via a digital signature which must be provided to them during the time of their registration.

The Danish Gaming Authority also requires that the age of all players must be verified by the casino and all players must be above the age of 18 years to be eligible to play on both the online as well as offline casinos.

Responsible Gambling

As a member of EUROMAT, which is the governing body of the European gaming industry, it is mandatory that the Danish Gaming Authority complies with its rules and guidelines as regards to responsible gambling.

In line with the stipulations of the responsible gambling laws, the Danish Gaming Authority maintains a list of gamers with addictions that no longer want to take part in online gambling and as such are restricted from gambling websites.