Swedish Gambling Authority

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Swedish Gambling Authority is a regulatory body that ensures safe and fair gaming. It monitors the online gambling operations and keeps it free of unwanted elements. Though relatively new, it has emerged as a responsible and reliable regulatory authority. It holds power to provide permits and licenses to the online gambling businesses and casinos.

Swedish Gambling Authority

Swedish Gambling Authority was recently established in 2018, and within a short span of time, it has grown tremendously. It has set up regulations and has been designing the licenses to ensure safe gameplay in the casinos. Swedish Gambling Authority is extremely strict about furnishing licenses to casinos.

Provisions for License

The Swedish Gambling Authority aims to come up with strict regulations that will promote safe and fair gameplay. The authority firmly discourages addiction to gambling, and this is reflected in the regulations. They focus on reducing the harmful effects of gambling on social life and mental health of the players.

Criteria for gambling license set by Swedish Gambling Authority are:

  • The online casinos must have proper cybersecurity to manage the digital data of all their players
  • The casinos must monitor the irrational gambling behavior of the players and take appropriate action to contain it
  • Casinos have to offer options such as setting a limit to gambling funds, to ensure that the players indulge in responsible gambling
  • The casinos will be linked to a self-exclusive database so they cannot participate in online gambling
  • Online casinos must take a declaration from the players authenticating their 18+ age
  • The online casino should not participate in any false marketing strategy to lure players
  • Online casinos should not target players under the age of 18
  • The online casino should not involve in any match-fixing
  • The casinos have to pay the winning amount to the players
  • The casinos have to set a separate fund for the winning amount of the players

Other licenses used by online casinos

Dispute and Complaints

The Swedish Gambling Authority has set up a system where they will take complaints and reports by the players against operators. If any casino or gambling business operator is running their operations in bad faith, then the Swedish Gambling Authority will look into it. However, they will not respond to the complaint that includes the lost money placed on gambling.

Irrespective of the nature of complaints and disputes, the Swedish Gambling Authority is prepared to deal with them. With online gambling landscape still in its nascent stages in Sweden, the Authority will keep amending its regulations with time.


Swedish Gambling Authority has taken upon the responsibility to ensure safe and fair gameplay in the Swedish gambling industry. They aim to create a transparent and balanced gaming environment for the casinos and the players. They are also focussed on enforcing regulations that curb the harmful effects of gambling in the social life of players.

They discourage any form of gambling addiction, and they ensure casinos offer help to players with excessive gambling behavior. With the development of the gambling industry in Sweden, the relevance and importance of the Authority will be reinforced.