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NextGen Gaming is one of the oldest game developers in the iGaming industry. They were founded in 1999 and were aptly named as NextGen Gaming, as their focus has always been on gaming innovation. They make online casino games that set the standard for the future of online gambling. However, they are nowhere close to the biggest game developers in the industry. Despite that, their games and gaming software are quite popular and are critically acclaimed.

nextgen gaming

Casino Games & More

NextGen Gaming offers online casinos two offerings – a casino software and casino games.

They have created a casino platform built on Adobe Flash that offers a fluid smooth gambling experience. As Adobe Flash is immensely popular and is compatible with many other platforms, NextGen Gaming offers games on many different platforms including social media. You can always find NextGen Gaming’s casino games on platforms like Facebook. The games work without a glitch even if you are using devices that are not too powerful. With an impressive RTP of 95% to 98%, games from the developer are in high demand and

NextGen Gaming’s games are designed to work spectacularly on a vast variety of devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Their gaming software can be integrated with another casino software. The integration is always error-free and works like a charm. So, it is quite common to find casinos that have some sections running on NextGen Gaming’s software and some other sections running on another casino software.

One of the most interesting things about NextGen Gaming casino software is that it can support other game developers’ games too. So, the number of casinos games that a casino can host on NextGen Gaming’s casino software is virtually limitless.

Despite all the slick features, the software offered by NextGen Gaming is not a full-fledged casino platform. It is merely an integration module that fits with full-fledged casino platforms.

Reviewed Online slots created by NextGen Gaming


As mentioned before, NextGen Gaming is an innovation-focused game developer. Their games exude advanced features that blow away the minds of the players. Take the Slide a Wild feature for instance. This feature allows the players to place the wild symbols in the slots game manually. Likewise, DynaReel is another creative feature that adds another layer to the existing game. There are plenty more features that completely shake your perception of slots games. Then there are the incredibly realistic and impressive graphics that NextGen Gaming whips out with each successive game that it launches. They make the games more immersive and entertaining for the players.

Instant Play Capability

A great many game developers design their games to play on specific software that the players must download onto their computers or apps that they must download on their mobile devices. Today’s internet users frown on this. They come to online casinos expecting instant gratification and the requirement to download software discourages them from the website.

Therefore, NextGen Gaming develops games that can play on all popular browsers. Players can log on the casinos that offer games from NextGen Gaming and start enjoying their games right away.


NextGen Gaming publishes the RTP information for almost all its games. It typically hovers in the range of 95% to 98%. However, NextGen Gaming does not share information on the house edge that its games have. That said, regulatory requirement mandates that all casinos and software providers show undeniable evidence that their systems offer fair odds to the players.

NextGen Gaming has demonstrated that its games really do offer fair odds to the players and has the certificate of randomness.