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Rabcat is one of the leading game developers in the online casino industry and is one of the most reputed brands among the players. Its game titles invoke a feeling of trust towards any casino that hosts them. Rabcat has built such a rock-solid reputation by focusing heavily on the quality of entertainment rather than the quantity. Today, Rabcat’s games enjoy a fan following of their own.


It should be noted that Rabcat is a small player and is not as big as some other big names like NetEnt or Playtech. And, that’s even cooler. Rabcat’s intense focus on delivering high-quality casino entertainment keeps the other big players on their toes. Without the competition from emerging game developers, they are bound to get complacent. Rabcat leaves them no choice. With its sensational games, it sets new standards for what online punters should expect in terms of casino entertainment.


Rabcat was launched in 2001 as an independent game developer, a status that it has maintained even today for the most part. It was launched and Vienna, Austria, which continues to be the game developer’s headquarters. From the time of its inception, Rabcat’s founders had a very clear strategy for Rabcat – to create high-quality gaming entertainment in all its forms. In keeping with this objective, they have produced a vast array of quality casino games in almost every category. Whether you are looking for slot games, baccarat, roulettes, pokers, or exciting 3D games, Rabcat has it all.

It’s not just the online casinos that Rabcat caters to. It has developed innovative casino games for even the land-based casinos. That’s not all. They have created plenty of video games for other platforms too. In fact, if you are into console gaming and own an Xbox or PS3, you probably have a few games created by Rabcat. They are so skilled and competent at what they do that even the major game studios like Disney, Atari, Rockstar, and Crytek have hired them to work on different projects.

To make their games as accessible as possible to the players, Rabcat offers multiple language support with all their casino games.

Reviewed Online slots created by Rabcat Gambling


Rabcat offers a full range of online casino games that you would expect to see on any online casino. A few years ago, they started offering their games through B2B distribution platforms – Odoo and Quickfire (Microgaming’s platform). It is also part of win2day, a multi-channel gaming platform that is jointly owned and operated by Austrian Casinos and Casinos Austria AG. Soon after they began offering their games on Quickfire, they entered into an exclusive arrangement with Microgaming in 2012. The contract with Rabcat grants Microgaming long-term rights to supplying all Rabcat’s games to its network of operators. Although the relationship was forged in 2012, the first Rabcat game to enter Microgaming’s network was in 2015.

Some of the most popular titles from Rabcat include Castle Builder, Castle Builder 2, Classic 243, Mony Dick, Robin of Sherwood, Gnome Wood, Forsaken Kingdom, Dragon’s Myth, and many more.

Casino Software

Rabcat does not offer a full-fledged casino software. However, it has developed its games with the intent of supporting them on both instant play casinos and downloadable casino platforms. Therefore, Rabcat’s games run smoothly on both HTML5 based Quickfire as well as Adobe Flash-based downloadable clients for desktops.


Some of the most loved online casino games owe their fantastic quality to Rabcat. That is why online punters wait with bated breath for new releases from Rabcat. The exceptional quality graphics innovative features, and delightful gameplay of Rabcat games never fail to impress.