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VISIT Campeon Gaming Partners Campeon Gaming Partners are the official affiliate promoters for several popular online casinos and sportsbooks. The various iGaming industry brans promoted by Campeon Gaming Partners include CampeonBet, EvoBet, CampeonUK, and Svenbet. These are established online gambling platforms, despite having been launched only in recent years. The casinos promoted by Campeon Gaming Partners have made long strides in a very short time frame. That says something about the success of the Campeon Gaming Partners affiliate programme.

There are many reasons that make Campeon Gaming Partners affiliate programme very attractive to affiliate partners in the industry. Let’s look at them in detail.

Thing You Must Know 

Campeon Gaming Partners is the official promoter of casinos operated by CW Marketing BV. The casinos have online gambling licenses from the Government of Curacao and are regulated by Curacao eGaming. They share all the information you need to ascertain the legitimacy of their registration. So, the affiliate partners can trust them to run legitimate operations.

Target Market

The casinos promoted by Campeon Gaming Partners have different target markets, and they follow different strategies to appeal to their audiences. For instance, Campeonbet’s primary market is Latin America, while CampeonUK’s primary market, as the name indicates, is the UK.

Although the Campeon and CampeonUK too accept players from a vast number of countries, their primary target audiences are limited to these geographies. The other two casinos target all the players from Europe and Asia.

Reviewed casinos represented by Campeon Gaming Partners


  • There is no bundling. If your payment for any casino represented by Campeon Gaming Partners hits negative values, it will not affect your revenues generated from promoting another casino of the promoter.
  • The affiliate programme supports sub-affiliates. If you refer any affiliate partner, you will be paid a share of the revenues they generate.
  • The affiliate programme supports a wide variety of currencies and payment methods. At present, Campeon Gaming Partners offers payments via Skrill and Bank Transfer and the minimum payment threshold for both are €100 and €500 respectively.
  • The affiliate programme offers a no negative carryover policy. So, if you hit negative revenue values any month, your revenue will be reset to zero at the beginning of the next month.
  • Under the revenue sharing agreement, the affiliate partners are paid for their support for up to 24 months after the referred player signs up on the casino.

Commission Structure

Campeon Gaming Partners offers a simple commission model for its affiliate partners. As per this revenue share arrangement, the affiliate partners can get anywhere from 45% of the revenue generated by the players to 60% of the revenue generated by them. There are 4 slabs and depending on the slab that the affiliate partner qualifies, they can get 45%, 50%, 55%, or 60% of the share of the revenues.

The net revenue of the affiliate partners is decided not by the number of players they bring to the casino, but the amount that they bet on the casino.

Apart from this, Campeon Gaming Partners also offers a CPA commission model to its affiliate partners. Not to mention a customized hybrid commission structure. The affiliate partners can negotiate a custom hybrid commission model to suit their unique requirement.


Campeon Gaming Partners affiliate programme is an incredible affiliate partner-friendly scheme. In addition to the various benefits and lucrative features they offer, they engage their affiliate partners in multiple languages. The partners can communicate with them in English, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, and German. This dramatically reduces the room for any misunderstanding or confusion in business.

Casinos Represented By Campeon Gaming Partners

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