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VISIT DREAMTEAM AFFILIATES Dreamteam Affiliates is a reliable and trustworthy affiliate marketing program created by Jonny Jackpot. This affiliate program is designed to help the affiliates earn money and build an association with one of the most popular and trusted online casino Jonny Jackpot. It is easy to join the affiliate program and select a perfect commission plan or model to suit your requirement. The earnings are strictly based on the performance of the affiliate without any negative carryovers.

Dreamteam Affiliates have come up with a team of efficient and hardworking professionals. Their competence ensures quick response and great communication to the queries and issues of the affiliates. The team of dedicated account managers are available to assist the affiliate partners from the time they join Dreamteam Affiliates.

The Brand – Jonny Jackpot

Jonny Jackpot brings an array of games that are attractive, stimulating and engaging. From online slots and tables to live casino games, Jonny Jackpot has it all. This increases player retention and consequently helps build a long-term association with the affiliates.

Dedicated account manager

Once the affiliate partner joins the Dreamteam Affiliates, they are provided with a dedicated account manager. The dedicated account manager will guide the affiliate partner through the entire process of the affiliate program. They are also responsible for resolving the queries and issues encountered by the affiliate partners.

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Great Partnership Program

Dreamteam Affiliates is designed to encourage a long-term partnership with the affiliate partners. Thus, they offer the affiliates lifetime and high commission revenue share models. This allows the affiliates to choose the appropriate commission model that suits their requirements, preferences and set up. 

Reliable and Accurate Reporting    

Dreamteam Affiliate has an accurate and reliable reporting system that gathers, calculates and delivers the casino analytics data with ease. They offer API integration that makes automation simple and easy. With the server-to-server pixel-tracking feature, the affiliate partners will be able to keep track of their stats from anywhere, anytime.

Highly Player Retention

Jonny Jackpot has come up with enjoyable games, ultimate graphics, and a fantastic experience. With the array of amazing games designed and developed by Jonny Jackpot, the player retention is high. No wonder the players will come back repeatedly for a thrilling and exciting gaming experience.

No Negative Carry Over

One of the best features offered by Dreamteam Affiliates is that there is no negative carry over. The players referred by the affiliate winning an amount do not affect the net share for their next month revenues.

Guaranteed and Timely Payouts

Dreamteam Affiliates understand the hard work and dedication of the affiliates they put in to make their work immaculate. Thus, they ensure that the payments are executed within the first week of every month.

High Revenue Share

The revenue share depends on the performance of the affiliates. The number of players registering and depositing money with Dreamteam Affiliates determines the revenue share of the affiliate. The revenue earned by the affiliates is determined as:

  • For every 0-9 players, the revenue share will be 30%
  • For every 10-19 players, the revenue share will be 35%
  • For every 20-50 players, the revenue share will be 40%
  • For 51+ players, the revenue share will be 45%


Dreamteam Affiliates has emerged as a reliable affiliate marketing program that offers a hassle-free experience for the partners. The affiliates can divert their traffic and earn revenue.

Casinos Represented By Dreamteam Affiliates


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