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Hero Affiliates

Hero Affiliates is the affiliate program for Casino Heroes, a Scandinavian themed online casino that was launched in 2014. Previously, the casino used to be known by the name of Casino Saga and the affiliate program was called Affiliate Saga. Later, they were changed to their present forms. Originally, Hero Affiliates was supporting the affiliate program for only Casino Heroes, but eventually, it expanded the program to include its sports betting website Betser too. The same people also run the Speedy casino, which is a no-account casino and is not supported by the affiliate program.

The Trust Factor

Hero Affiliates is a Malta registered company and has a gaming license from the same country. It’s a legitimate business and to allay any fears of possible tinkering, the affiliate program makes use of NetRefer software for tracking and reporting of all the relevant stats from the casinos for the affiliate partners. This way, there’s no foul play, and the affiliate partners are duly compensated for the contribution they make to the affiliate’s brands.


Hero Affiliates has one of the most rewarding affiliate programs for its partners. Its commissions can go as high as 35% of the revenues generated by the players referred by the affiliate partner. The full list of commissions is as follows:

  • 20% of the net monthly revenue generated by all the players referred by the affiliate partner, when it is between €0 and €10,000
  • The commission is 25% when the monthly net revenue is €10,001 – €20,000
  • 30% commission when the monthly net revenue is €20,001 – €30,000
  • 35% commission when the monthly net revenue is above €30,001
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Casinos represented by Hero Affiliates  



While the commission rates may look non-competitive in comparison to the big numbers thrown around in this industry, Hero Affiliates is more about actually rewarding the customers and not just impressing them. In other words, Hero Affiliates offers some fantastic features that together make the entire deal a lot sweeter.

An excellent feature of Hero Affiliates program is that there is no negative carryover from one month to another. And, they offer commissions for a lifetime, as long as the partner referred players are playing on the casino.

They even have a sub-affiliation program. If any of the affiliate partners refer new partners to the program, they are both rewarded with higher commissions for a limited period.


Hero Affiliates supports a limited number of payment options, including Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Payment. While the payment options are limited, Hero Affiliates does make up for it with prompt and speedy payment within the first 10 days of each month. The payout threshold is a mere €100 which makes things a lot easier for the affiliate partners to withdraw their money.


Hero Affiliates is a tightly run ship with a small group that is passionate, energetic, and fair in its approach. A combination of all these factors has made this affiliate’s program a rewarding and lucrative offering that is ready to take on the industry’s high and mighty.

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