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Mango Affiliates

Mango Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Mango Casino, which is operated by Viral Interactive Limited. More on Viral Interactive later. Let’s focus on Mango Affiliates and its casino, Mango Casino. Mango Casino was launched as recently as 2018 and is one of the hottest new launches of the year. It is a no-account casino, which means that you do not have to register on the casino to play on it. It ties the players to their BankIDs via Trustly and uses it as the verification method.

Mango Casino: Your Ticket to Riches

It minimizes the various unnecessary aspects of an online casino experience like registering on the casino, receiving spammy messages, and so on. Mango Casino offers a clean, no-frills gambling experience that is unmatched by the traditional online casinos. As the players don’t have to share any contact details, Mango Casino is attracting a huge number of players who want to enjoy its no-frills casino.

Why it matters? Because Mango Affiliates shares commissions with you for a lifetime.

If the players love the platform and keep playing on it, you can get up to 45% of the revenues they generate on the casino in commissions. Therefore, it is critical that the traffic you send to Mango Casino is impressed by the casino and enjoys the gambling experience there. The good news is that they do. Although Mango Affiliates does not share the exact numbers, they state that they have impressively high retention rates. So, all you need to do is divert the traffic from your successful casino blog and get rewarded with sustainable revenues for a lifetime.

The Trust Factor

Always remember this – before you sign up to a casino affiliate program, always double check their legitimacy. You don’t want the affiliate program to be licensed by an obscure regulator who has zero or negative reputation in the industry.

Mango Casino is operated by Viral Interactive, who is licensed to operate online casinos in multiple markets across EU and even the world. To obtain access to multiple markets across the world, Viral Interactive has gambling licensed from not one but two regulators – Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This gives Mango Casino access to most of the European countries and many of the international markets. Therefore, you can trust Mango Affiliates to come through on their payments after you promote their casino.

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Highlights at Mango Affiliates

  • Mango Affiliates offers an opportunity to make greater revenues as their casino attracts players from a vast number of countries. So, most of the traffic you receive and divert to Mango Casino will get converted into the casino’s players and bring you potentially a lifetime’s worth of revenues
  • The casino of Mango Affiliates has a high retention rate. This is important because you want to create a revenue source that doesn’t just reward you for the new players you bring them, but also for the continued business those players offer to the casinos. So, the higher the retention rate, the more revenues you potentially stand to earn.


Mango Affiliates offers a simple revenue share plan as described below:

  • 25% commissions on net revenues generated by players for the lifetime when the number of signups during that particular month is between 0-5
  • 30% commissions when the signups are from 5-10
  • 35% commissions when the signups are between 10-20
  • 40% commissions when the signups are between 20-40
  • 45% commissions when the signups are 40+


With a low minimum payment threshold of just €100, excellent commission structure, and an innovative gaming experience through its casino, Mango Affiliates offers a sweet deal for its affiliate partners.

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