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VISIT PREMIER GAMING AFFILIATES Premier Gaming is a popular affiliate marketing program. They have been promoting engaging, friendly and trustworthy online casinos that are designed to offer the ultimate online gaming experience. Premier Gaming has come up with a reliable affiliation program that allows potential affiliates to earn money for extended periods.

Affiliates can divert their traffic sources to Premier Gaming and earn revenue share based on their traffic strength. It is easy to join the affiliation program through a simple registration process.  Once the players referred by the affiliates start paying and depositing money with Premier Gaming, the affiliate partners start earning revenue based on their referred players’ activity.

The prominent online gaming brands associated with Premier Gaming are PremierLiveCasino and ProntoCasino. The affiliates are needed to divert their traffic sources to these two brands.

How to Join The Affiliate Program?

The potential affiliates can register with Premier Gaming affiliate program by filling up a simple form. The affiliates need to put accurate and authentic information in the form. Once they review the application and approve it, the affiliates are ready to work with the company. The account will be linked to the brand (PremierLiveCasino or ProntoCasino) chosen by the affiliate during the registration.


Mobile Ready

All the online gaming brands associated with Premier Gaming are designed to be all devices friendly. They are developed to offer the players the ultimate gaming experience across the platforms and devices.

No Negative Carry Over

Not all the months are the same; neither the traffic strength nor players’ winning moments are predetermined. Therefore, Premier Gaming assures the affiliates no negative carry over to the next month. Even if the players win and the affiliate partners incur negative revenues on any given month, the net amount of the affiliate will start from zero every month.

Casinos represented by Premier Gaming Affiliates

Free Sign Up

The sign up to the affiliation program with Premier Gaming is free. The affiliates do not need to deposit money before or after registration. This means that an affiliate can start earning money instantly without any setup cost.

100% Transparency

The affiliation program introduced by Premier Gaming is 100% transparent. The operations, calculations and data integration – everything is done with efficiency and honesty.

Timely Payment

The Premier Gaming is known for honesty and punctuality. They believe in hard work and dedication. Thus, they reward the hard work and dedication of its affiliates through timely payments. All the payments are processed by the first week of every month.

High Player Retention

The high-quality, engaging games offered by the brands promoted by Premier Gaming ensures that the player retention rate is quite high.

Highly commission

Premier Gaming offers high commission rates to the affiliates. The revenue share depends on the amount of money deposited by the players referred by the affiliates.

The revenue share offered by the Premier Gaming affiliation program is:

  • For 0-10000 Euros revenue, the commission is 20%
  • For 10000-20000 Euros revenue, the commission is 30%
  • For 20000-Unlimited Euros revenue, the commission is 35%


Premier Gaming has become one of the most popular and trusted online casino gaming platforms. An association with Premier Gaming through its affiliation program enables the affiliates to earn high revenue share. Affiliates can join the program free and earn an unlimited amount of revenue share based on their traffic sources.

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Premier Gaming Affiliates

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