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VISIT QUID AFFILIATES Quid Affiliates are the official promoters of the online casino brands that make use of the famous Jumpman Gaming platform. These include some of the well-known brands like 123spins, Baddy Slots, Big Win Vegas, Play Leon, London Jackpots, Lucy Casino, and others. In fact, many upcoming casinos run on Jumpman Gaming platform, and Quid Affiliates is the official promoter for all those brands too. So, when an affiliate blog partners with Quid Affiliates, they will be presented with an opportunity to make profits by channeling traffic to multiple casinos. More casinos mean potentially more commissions for the affiliate partners.

The fact that there are already a decent number of casinos represented by Quid Affiliates out in the market and more are in the pipeline shows that the affiliate programme is bringing plenty of business for the casinos. And, that means its affiliate partners are a rich lot.

The Trust Factor

Quid Affiliates operates under the licenses of Jumpman Gaming Limited. Now, Jumpman has gambling licenses in multiple jurisdictions. For the UK players, it has a gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission. For players from other European countries, Asian countries, and elsewhere, Jumpman also has a gambling license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

These two gambling regulators have meticulous in analyzing the applicants of their business. They examine them thoroughly to ensure that they are not involved in any financial malpractice and that they offer fair odds to the players. Not to mention the hefty licensing fees and taxes they must pay to the two regulators. Clearly, Quid Affiliates and its partner have long-term legitimate interests in the industry, and the affiliate partners can trust them to fulfill on their payment liabilities.

Quid Affiliates and Jumpman Gaming have over 10 years of experience in the industry, which means that their casinos are successful and well-established in the industry. So, as affiliate partners, you don’t have to work too hard to convince your visitors of the virtues of their casinos. In other words, you can anticipate more conversions, which directly leads to higher revenue for you.

Reviewed casinos represented by Quid Affiliates


For all affiliate partners, Quid Affiliates offers a straightforward revenue share arrangement based on the number of monthly first deposits that the new players make on their casinos. The commission structure under this arrangement is as explained below:

  • 25% commissions when the FTDs are between 0 and 5
  • 35% commissions when the FTDs are between 6 and 19
  • 45% commissions when the FTDs are between 20 and 49
  • 50% commissions when the FTDs are 50+
While this is the most common commission structure, Quid Affiliates also offers its affiliate partners the option to negotiate an exclusive deal with them. Depending on their unique requirement, the affiliate partners can go for a CPA model or a hybrid of CPA and revenue share arrangement.

Highlights of Quid Affiliates

  • In keeping with the best practices in the industry, Quid Affiliates operates a no negative carryover policy. However, they clearly state that they might change this under extraordinary circumstances. Prospective affiliate partners would be better off checking with them what these extraordinary circumstances could be.
  • Quid Affiliates follows a bundling policy. This means that your earnings from different brands represented by Quid Affiliates are bundled together. So, any negative gains that you incur with one brand are bundled with the positive gains from the others.
  • All the earnings that you make with Quid Affiliates must be withdrawn within 183 days from the day you make those earnings. If you fail to withdraw them within that time, Quid Affiliates can forfeit the lapsed profits.

Final Words

Quid Affiliates and Jumpman Gaming are fairly old players in a highly competitive industry. They have survived this long by respecting the hard work of their affiliate partners and rewarding them handsomely.

Casinos Represented By Quid Affiliates

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