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Slotsons Affiliates

Slotsons Affiliates was set-up in 2018 and is the authorized casino affiliate programme of Slotsons Casino. It has a contemporary design, handsome bonuses and a wide range of table games, slots games and live casino games in the offer. With such an impressive casino, it is not difficult for affiliate marketers to get players to explore the casino and return for more.

Slotsons Affiliates help its partners with all the promotion strategies, information, and materials to get started. The affiliates can place the links and promotional content on their blog, websites, or other gaming platforms to attract traffic for Slotsons Casino. Once the referred player deposits money with Slotsons Casino, the affiliates instantaneously earn the commission.

Earn High Commissions with Slotsons Affiliates

Slotsons Affiliates offers a high commission to the affiliates based on the traffic driven to the Slotsons Casinos and the conversion rate. The marketing strategies and amazing games formulated by the Slotsons Affiliates help their partners to enjoy high conversion rates. The revenue share rate depends on the number of depositors referred to each month.

The commission structure offered:

  • For 0-5 players, the affiliate marketer gets is 25% of the revenue share
  • For 6-15 players, the affiliate marketer gets is 30% of the revenue share
  • For 16-35 players, the affiliate marketer gets is 35% of the revenue share

The commission you can earn from every player is 25%-35%. That is high. In addition, Slotsons does not have negative carryover, and in case your account shows negative net-earnings, you just start with a zero balance next month. So, Slotsons Affiliates wants to position their affiliate partners for success.

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Partnering with Slotsons Affiliates

The entire operation at Slotsons Affiliates is based on trust and mutual benefit. There is a strong sense of bonding and teamwork. They value their affiliates and hold them in very high regard.

As an affiliate marketer for Slotsons casino, you get to work along with some of the best affiliate managers. They provide you all the information you need to make more commissions with every passing month.

With their streamlined processes and talented team, affiliate marketers are in good hands. Moreover, Slotsons Affiliates offers generous commissions and also provides their members with helpful tools to make it easier for them to work.

Payment options

The commission is compensated with the payment option of your preference. Between 5th and the 7th day or within the first week of the month, Slotsons Affiliates pays all commissions to its affiliate partners.

The least amount that is paid out is €100, and if the amount is less than that, it is transferred to the following month. Slotsons Affiliates is known for its reliability and credibility. So, affiliates markets can be sure that they will receive their payment positively with the stipulated time frame every month.


Slotsons Affiliates is one of the most popular affiliates programmes at present on the internet. They offer remarkable commissions on referrals, and they process hassle-free payments through all major payment methods.

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