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VISIT SUPRNATION AFFILIATES SuprNation Affiliates is the official casino affiliate programme for multiple popular online casinos. It represents VoodooDreams Casino, NYSpins, and Duelz Casino. These are some of the most popular and rapidly growing casinos in the iGaming industry.

SuprNation Affiliates is part of the technology company, SuprNation, which was founded in 2015. From the time of its inception, SuprNation was intended to be home to the most creative bunch of people in the iGaming industry. Their stated purpose – to create superior gaming experience in the online gambling industry. They have been bold and adventurous in their approach, having experimented in many ways to create casino platforms that offer innovative features.

The three casinos operated by SuprNation offer impressive bonuses, outstanding gameplay, and a delightful customer support to take care of it all.

As a rapidly growing online casino that faces intense competition, SuprNation is looking to rope in additional support in taking its casinos to more players across the internet. And, to achieve this objective, it is designed the SuprNation Affiliates programme that offers impressive rewards and friendly terms for the affiliate partners who are ready to help them in their journey to success.

The Trust Factor

Let’s start with the legitimacy of the affiliate program. SuprNation is a company based in Malta. It has dual gambling licenses – one from Malta Gaming Authority and another from the UK Gambling Commission. These two licenses cost a substantial amount of money, and the licensed casinos are required to pay a significant part of their revenues in taxes to the relevant authorities. So, the fact that SuprNation has these licenses should ascertain their legitimacy of operations.

Blog owners can expect the affiliate programme to make their payments promptly at the beginning of every month without fail, as long as they meet the minimum payment threshold.

Highlights at SuprNation

  • SuprNation’s casinos often offer bonuses as high as €1000. Therefore, once your visitors land on the casino, their conversion is all but guaranteed.
  • This affiliates programme follows a strictly no negative carryover policy. So, if the players referred to SuprNation’s casinos by you win big and your share of the revenues go into the negative zone, your balance will be reset to zero at the beginning of every month.
  • The affiliates programme offers a single commission structure – a revenue share plan. There are no other plans. So, everything is clear and simple right from the beginning of your relationship with them. Of course, you can speak to their account managers to get a custom deal designed for your specific requirement.
  • The minimum payment threshold is merely €50. So, you will be paid out even if your share of the earnings cross this limit.
  • All payments to the affiliate partners are made via bank account transfer only. SuprNation Affiliates does not support other payment options.

Reviewed casinos represented by SuprNation Affiliates


SuprNation Affiliates offers a straightforward revenue share plan:

  • 25% commissions when the signups are between 0 and 5
  • 30% commissions when the signups are between 6 and 15
  • 35% commissions when the signups are between 16 and 35
  • 40% commissions when the signups are between 36+
Apart from this, the affiliate program also offers alternate commission structures to suit the specific needs of the blog owners. It can be even a cost per acquisition model or a hybrid model that incorporates multiple payment plans.


SuprNation Affiliates is a pretty impressive affiliate programme and offers the full suite of benefits from flexible commission plans to high traffic conversion rates to fantastic terms.

Since SuprNation’s casinos are creative, offer original gaming experiences, and memorable entertainment, the affiliate partners can expect their players to spend a great deal of time on the platforms. If the affiliate partners can manage to direct sufficient traffic to their casinos, they are in for a lifetime of passive revenue.

Casinos Represented By Suprnation Affiliates


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