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VISIT ZEEPARTNERS ZeePartners is the exclusive affiliate partner for Playzee Casino. Playzee Casino brings a wide variety of casino games ranging from roulette, slots, video poker, blackjack, to Live Dealer. With their extensive insights into the requirements of affiliate partners and their preferences, ZeePartners are regarded as reliable and dynamic. Apart from their insight, in-depth market research and marketing strategies, they offer their affiliates flexible, custom-made and dynamic commission models.

ZeePartners is a great place to create a steady source of income through affiliate websites, iGaming blogs, or other traffic diverting platforms. The affiliation with ZeePartners is easy, simple, and free of cost.

Affiliation Process

The potential affiliates need to fill up and submit the signup to start the affiliation process. One of the account managers from ZeePartners will go through the form and approve it.

Once the account is approved, the account manager will help the affiliate to set the account. The account manager is a dedicated liaison to support the affiliate partner in developing traffic and earn money simultaneously.

ZeePartners and their Commission Models

The ZeePartners have come with an experimental and dynamic strategic approach. Their commission models follow their dynamic strategies and thus are very flexible. Through customized deals and offers, ZeePartners targets a large number of affiliates.

The potential affiliates will be provided with tailor-made commission models, deals, and offers. They will be assigned dedicated account managers to create and execute optimized content for maximum conversion.

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Here are some of the commission models offered by the ZeePartners:

Revenue share

Revenue-share commission model is one of the most popular casino commission models. This commission model encourages long term and growth-driven partnership. In this model, ZeePartners will share their revenue with the affiliates against the traffic (players) they have brought for the Playzee Casino.

The revenue share percentage is based on the number of monthly first – time depositors:

  • From 1- 10 the revenue share commission will be 20%
  • From 11- 30 the revenue share commission will be 25%
  • From 31- 50 the revenue share commission will be 30%
  • 51+ the revenue share commission will be 35%


The CPA model (Cost-per-Acquisition) offers a one-time, fixed amount as payment to the affiliates. Here the affiliates are paid upfront for the traffic they bring in. When a new player referred by the affiliate makes their first deposit, the affiliate wins the CPA amount. This amount varies based on the total number of monthly players the affiliates refer.

Hybrid Models and Tailored Deals

Many affiliates have varied commission structure requirements. In that case, the affiliates can talk to the account manage directly and ask for a hybrid plan. A hybrid plan will organically include both revenue share and CPA models or any other necessary model to meet the affiliate’s requirements.

Referral Plan

The referral plan allows the affiliates to earn up to 2.5% for referring the player to Playzee Casino. The amount will be determined by the net revenue percentage extracted by the new player referred by the affiliate.

ZeePartners and Key Features

ZeePartners offers a reliable and easy avenue to the potential affiliates in the area of affiliate marketing. Many key factors have helped Playzee Casino evolve and sustain themselves in the online casino industry, and affiliate marketing is one of the most important of them. Apart from that, Playzee’s success has shared the success of its affiliate ecosystem. Here’s why affiliates will have an easy time promoting Playzee Casino.

Variety of games:

Playzee Casino has emerged as an ever-growing gaming platform that attracts casino gamers of all genres. They have quality games and years of experience in analyzing the players’ behavioral pattern. This helps them develop more attractive and stimulating games. ZeePartner also tracks, monitors, and examines the kind of games the players choose referred by particular affiliates. This enables them to create tailor-made offers and deals along with appropriate game recommendations.

Dynamic promotions:

Playzee Casino offers great deals to their players every day to encourage player engagement. ZeePartners create adequate banners and advertisement plans for affiliates to churn out their best potential. The programs are customized based on the referred players’ gaming patterns and various analyses.


ZeePartners works hard to offer their affiliates a smooth and seamless work experience. The customer service and dedicated account managers are available 24*7 to help the affiliates with their queries. They are equipped to tackle any troubleshooting with gaming issues or others.


ZeePartners is a great affiliate program that encourages various gaming platforms and players to join Playzee Casino. This program is a safe and reliable platform for gamers and gaming enthusiasts to affiliate and earn money.

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